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3 Marketing Tips Worth Embracing For Small Companies In 2022

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As your small company begins a fresh new year, this is a great time to set milestones and goals, helping to build a blueprint for this year’s efforts. Typically, there is no shortage of things you want to accomplish with your business, but it’s a matter of achieving those goals that is the real challenge. One area that should get attention is your marketing efforts, as these can greatly affect your sales and bottom line. Here are three marketing tips that are well worth embracing in 2022.

Elevate Your Social Media Presence

If ever there was a tip that should be followed, this is it. For 2022, there should be an emphasis on elevating your social media presence. If your business doesn’t yet have social media accounts, it’s already behind the eight ball and has some catching up to do. Small businesses in particular can find it difficult or at the very least confusing to get on social media. There typically aren’t dedicated staff for this role, which means people without formal social media training are being asked to do the job.

If this problem sounds familiar, here are some simple tips that can be employed.

  1. Make sure you’re picking the most effective social networks to create accounts on. These should be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are others, but they may not be as powerful for small businesses.
  2. If you want to improve your business networking and B2B efforts, the best social network to use is LinkedIn.
  3. You need a goal and then a strategy that helps you realize the goal.
  4. Define who your target audience is and then identify what they are interested in – what kind of messages they will respond to.
  5. Post regularly.
  6. Post content that is relevant to the brand and its products, make sure it’s always professional.
  7. Engage with followers.
  8. Make use of automation tools when it comes to posting.

Being active on social media can be a bit intimidating at first but, just like with anything else, practice will make you more comfortable and more effective.

Don’t Forget About Offline Campaign Efforts

While there is a lot of focus on online marketing campaigns, it doesn’t mean that offline marketing no longer serves a purpose. Offline marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective for the right company, audience and product or messaging. It will be important to know when the right time is to use this more traditional form of marketing and do it right.

One tool that is helping companies to harness the power of offline marketing campaigns is to make use of direct mail automation. Lob is a company that specializes in automating address verification which makes a direct mail marketing campaign more accurate and effective. The goal of the company is to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing through powerful APIs. With automation tools such as these, businesses will be able to send out mailers much faster than in the past. Below are some of the ways in which offline marketing can benefit your company:

  • It’s a great way to connect with the local community
  • You can be specific in who the mailers go to
  • It can be eye-catching when done correctly
  • Some consumers still prefer this more traditional form of communication – not everyone relies on digital messaging to gain information

The offline marketing route shouldn’t be discounted in 2022; instead, it needs to be examined and used in the most effective ways possible.

Should You Partner with an Influencer?

This is a more advanced marketing technique, but one that can be extremely effective for the right companies and products. Influencers have become quite important in marketing campaigns over the past few years, as they can help your products/company to trend and hit all-new levels of success. Of course, there’s never a guarantee the partnership will pay off which is why you need to be very specific if you choose this route.

Partnering with an influencer means you’re partnering with someone who is relevant to your company’s field/products, has an established audience or following of their own, has created a sense of trust in their community of followers, fits with your brand’s image, and can speak with some level of authority.

You may want to check out what other companies are doing in terms of influencer partnerships, so that you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t hit the mark. Above all else, the partnership needs to feel authentic and not forced, otherwise, your customers and their followers won’t buy into it.

By using these tips, your marketing efforts should be quite effective this year which in turn can help you to grow your business on a much larger scale. You can also take the lessons you learn throughout the year and apply them in 2023.

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