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3 Reasons All Shopify Stores Should Use Custom Packaging



When it comes to product packaging, there are many options available to Shopify merchants that vary in shape, price, and even eco-friendliness. Customizations such as adding your logo to the box or including free samples is a key differentiator for brands in the Amazon world. 

1. Custom packaging increases brand recognition.

Custom packaging can increase brand recognition for a number of reasons.

  • Reinforces brand ethics. From eco-friendly branding to unmatched luxury, custom packaging can demonstrate that you put your money where your mouth is.
  • Increases online engagement. Push customers to other channels they may not have engaged with you on before. Below, you can see how the German brand Stay Cold uses an internal print to encourage their customers to share their new purchase on social media. By pushing customers back to social media accounts, you provide more opportunities to interact with them – increasing recognition each time. 


2. Custom packaging is practical.

Not only does custom packaging look awesome, but it’s extremely practical. As a Shopify business, you have to think about the best ways to deliver products safely to customers’ doorsteps, for which packaging is crucial.

When looking for custom packaging, consider the following for practical purposes:

  • Form follows function, so whether you choose a box, an eco-friendly mailer, or a specially shaped package, it’s important to choose something that will fit your product while providing the maximum safety required for that product. 
  • Choose inserts to both keep your contents secure during shipping and to keep the item in the position you want the customer to first see it in.
  • Consider the standard postage sizes of your shipping provider. For example, Royal Mail has specific dimensions for large letters, small parcels, etc. If you can use packaging that meets these dimensions, you’ll keep your shipping costs down. 

Adding these extra details shows customers you care that they receive your products in a pristine condition.

unnamed (2)

3. Thoughtful unboxing experiences garner loyalty.

Packaging is the first piece of a brand that customers physically interact with – even before their actual purchase. Designing a thoughtful unboxing adds value to your brand, gives customers the feeling that they got a lot more than they bargained for and taps into the same excitement of opening a gift. In fact, great unboxing experiences are so beloved, there’s an entire genre on Youtube devoted to unboxings. Consumers love unboxings so much, they want to watch other people unbox things!

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 4.44.40 PM

Ideas for the perfect unboxing experience:

  • Include a personalized thank you note to demonstrate your gratitude.
  • Provide instructions/suggestions on how to use the item(s). For instance, Firstleaf, a wine club, includes an informative card about each wine in the box. The card includes information on where the grapes were grown, the tasting notes and food pairings. And bonus: the cards are pretty enough to be hung on a fridge. Check out what they look like, courtesy of Wine Club Reviews:


  • Share entertaining content. Content marketing isn’t just for blogging. Firstleaf is also a great example to look to. They include a physical newsletter (printed like a newspaper!) that’s filled with articles about certain wines, employees, or trips that their sommeliers made recently. 
  • Present products well. Don’t throw your products in a box with a bunch of extra stuff. Stitchfix, a clothing company, for instance, folds their items up and then wraps them together with tissue paper, so it looks like a present. For their men’s clothing, they use butcher paper and tie it with string. Check it out, via Pumps & Iron


Creating an awesome unboxing experience also sets your brand apart from the competition. A keen eye for detail is a potent way to do just that and keep customers coming back.

Getting started…

Ordering custom packaging online is pretty easy these days for merchants of all sizes. For instance,  Packhelp can provide services for merchants who are looking to get as few as even thirty boxes. Packhelp offers both a drag-and-drop interface to design your own products, as well as a design service. 

Cara Wood

Cara is the digital marketing manager here at ShopPad. She’s passionate about eCommerce, marketing automation, and great wine. When she’s not hard at work innoventing new marketing automation techniques, you can find her trying to stop her beagle from getting into the trash.

This article was originally published by our friends at ShopPad.

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