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3 Ways Through Which Lab Digitalization Can Benefit Startups

E-commerce is booming in every industry today, and most businesses are starting to automate their tasks to maximize their profits. Startups are emerging worldwide, and automation is required more than ever. Laboratory automation tools have come to the rescue and are benefiting various startup laboratories, especially the ones that need extensive research work and are operating in the healthcare sector.

Considering that one in six people by 2050 will be over the age of 65 also suggests that healthcare will become more critical than ever. This calls for extensive research and supporting businesses like pharmaceuticals, online healthcare intermediaries, e-commerce pharmacy stores, and various other companies to step up their game and prepare for an increase in demand. Emerging startups that improve customer service and fill market gaps can benefit from lab software and set themselves up for growth and success. Here are three ways lab digitalization can help emerging businesses revolutionize their operations:

1. Improved Research and Development

Startups in any industry require large volumes of data today to understand and predict consumer preferences, trends, and their current position as a business. This data is used in marketing decisions, research, developing new products, testing, and catering to changing demand. Healthcare researchers also collect large amounts of patient data in a generic database for record-keeping and medical research, which startups utilize. However, manually managing this data comes with paper, printing, and warehousing costs. It also makes it incredibly difficult to extract data for analysis. 

Lab software like primer design software, where your entire team can work together and obtain records through shared libraries, improve the clinical and genetic research for better data gathering and assessment. The benefit of this software includes easy integration with existing applications in your system. It enables staff to process critical information faster and improve in-house collaboration through a centralized platform. 

Additionally, the data gets recorded in an encrypted database and gets backed up in the software. This ensures that your business benefits from the ongoing research in the future as well and that the effort of your team does not go in vain in case of unfortunate events like theft or cyberattacks.

2. Streamlined Inventory Management 

An automated inventory management system and reporting can help establish a sustainable connection with the supply chain for your emerging business. Integrating lab digitalization can automate inventory management and track inventory levels. Your staff will only need to scan the bar codes as most management software involves utilizing barcodes and RFID tags that can uniquely identify inventory numbers with accurate tracking. 

Automated inventory management systems will also assist in determining whether specific products have been damaged or recalled, which ensures that such products are not being sent out for retail. This is particularly important for e-commerce startups that are operating in retail and product-based markets. An automated inventory system can predict shortages in certain products as per their current standing on overall inventory levels and enables proactive handling of inventory. You can also set up alerts for inventory management, and the software will remind you if any product has reached a minimum inventory count and needs to be restocked. This feature will ensure that you are always at the optimal stock level and prevent dissatisfaction among clients.

3. Improved Collaboration

Lab software is an excellent addition to any business as it brings together all the reports and data on a single centralized platform. This enables your entire team to work remotely on the same project, and you can hire the best talent for your startup without having to worry about the geographical mobility of the staff. Scientific research becomes easier with research facilitating tools, as you can outsource work and have the entire team collaborate in the same space. It enables your team to provide feedback to each other, ask questions, edit the work together, and be supervised by team leaders anywhere in the world.

Your team members can also manage relevant attachments, upload articles to aid in the research, as well as create sections. This improves your company's work culture, promotes teamwork, and encourages team members to be actively engaged with their peers and conduct required research now and then. All the work is stored in shared libraries on the platform, which ensures that your team does not duplicate effort and has firsthand access to your company's previous research.


Automation is a great tool that is revolutionizing almost every industry today. Software is replacing manual practice and helping businesses achieve efficiency and productivity at a low-cost investment. Integration of software in lab startups can help in clinical research, improve overall collaboration and streamline inventory management. Lab digitalization is a great way to pave the path for the future by facilitating research and collaboration and can highly benefit visionary labs that want to tap into the market gaps. Hence, automation encourages innovation in emerging businesses and should be adopted at the earliest.

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