30 Day Plan for Gaining 100 Authoritative and Relevant Backlinks to Your Shopify Store


Backlinks are a critical part of earning organic traffic. Google’s ranking algorithms place high priority on a website’s number of authoritative backlinks, and your website won’t make it to the top of their search engine results pages without them.


Link farms and generators won’t help you earn backlink credentials with Google – you need authoritative backlinks from real bloggers to boost your ranking, which take much longer to obtain than bad links.


What Defines An Authoritative Website?


Google’s algorithm places priority on links from authoritative websites. Authoritative websites:


  • Are credible
  • Are influential
  • Rank highly on search engine results pages
  • Experience high numbers of shares on social media
  • Receive significant amounts of traffic


Conversely, bad websites:


  • Use keyword stuffing
  • Have high link-to-content ratios
  • Have an outlandishly high number of ads
  • Offer unhelpful content


How to Get Authoritative Backlinks


Some backlinks will happen naturally, but you’ll need to actively seek most – especially when you’re first starting out.


Begin by establishing a relationship with the blogger you want to work with: comment on their blog posts, compliment their work, and start cordial correspondence using email or social media before you make your relationship promotional.


Once you’ve established a quality relationship with bloggers in your niche, you can ask them about backlinking your content using a kind and professional email.


10 Tips to Get More Authoritative Backlinks


#1: Blog Consistently and Often


HubSpot’s research shows businesses who blog consistently receive up to 97% more backlinks than inconsistent bloggers.


It doesn’t matter how many blogs you post per day or week, you only need to focus on producing quality, actionable content on a regular and consistent basis.


#2: Offer Influencers A Free Resource


Everyone likes getting something for free, and you have something free to offer: information.


Create informative content you can offer for free (such as an in-depth infographic or e-book) and give it to influencers. It will help you leave a favorable impression and boost your chances of getting that backlink.


#3: Use Press Releases to Attract Influencers


Press releases can help you build hype about a new product you’re offering or a massive change to your website. When you use them correctly, you can establish authority for yourself and earn the attention of influencers in your field.


Use press releases for your company’s most noteworthy events. Share them on social media and with influencers, and watch the backlinks roll in.


#4: Make Infographics Part of Your Strategy


We briefly touched on infographics in #2, but this strategy deserves its own spot on our list.


Every blog is in need of new graphics to enhance the appearance of their content. Create infographics about important and trending topics in your niche, then share them with influencers.


Beautiful and helpful infographics are sure to attract backlinks. They’re shareable and easy on the eyes, making them an excellent addition to your backlinking strategy.


#5: Use Charts, Tables, and Other Attractive Displays of Data


This strategy works for the same reason infographics do: data is easier to comprehend when it’s attractively organized in a visual graphic.


Take relevant data to your article and make an attractive table or graph. Other bloggers will want to use this to supplement their own content, which means you’ll earn backlinks with ease.


#6: Offer Free Images


Do you have a camera and something to photograph?


Take high quality photos relevant to your niche, post them on your blog, and offer them for free. All bloggers are looking for photos to enhance their posts – if yours are attractive and available for free, you can expect other bloggers to use them and link back to your content.


#7: Repurpose Content


Never directly copy or plagiarise content from the web – Google penalizes websites which publish copied content, and many never recover.


Instead, find relevant and informative content from influencers in your niche. Use the basic information it offers and write it into your own unique article.


Take it to the next level and put this content into an e-book or infographic. Offer the resulting content to Influencers in return for a backlink – chances are they’ll want to use it to supplement their own content.


#8: Offer New Information


Almost every topic you can imagine has been covered by an article somewhere, but certain topics are less common than others.


Write about niche topics which attract a small but deliberate group of readers. If you’re going to write an article about dog grooming, don’t make broad – write the article about how you should groom a husky during the summer time to prevent matting and shedding.


The more narrow your topic, the less competition you have for the number one spot on Google’s search engine results page. In addition, influencers will be more likely to reference your content and backlink to it on their own blog if its targeted enough.


#9: Interview Influencers in Your Niche


By interviewing an influencer in your niche, you can both benefit from the result. The influencer will gain traffic from your audience (since you’ll direct them to their blog in the article) and in return, the influencer will backlink to your article.


#10: Seek Out Your Competitor’s Backlinks


Some bloggers won’t backlink small websites at all, while others will with little convincing.


Look at other blog around the same size as your own and find out who is linking to their content. Reach out to the same influencers, and you may


What are your tips to earn more authoritative backlinks for your Shopify store? Let us know in the comments below!


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