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4 Reasons Your Shopify Store Should Let Customers Get In Touch By Phone (And How To Go About It)

A woman in customer service is working on a computer wearing a headset.

Customer expectations are ever-rising, and it can be difficult for your Shopify store to keep up. It can be challenging to set up and implement customer support over multiple channels, especially at the beginning. You may be forced to sacrifice the general efficiency of the already established communication channels to set up new ones.

It can be challenging for small businesses with a limited workforce to incorporate such channels. However, using a phone can be crucial to the success of your business. Here’s why:

Phone Customer Service is More Personal

Many customers prefer using the phone to other communication options as it feels more personal, especially in complex situations. Over the phone, the customer is guaranteed the full attention of the person on the other hand. In contrast, a call agent may communicate with several other customers when typing and be distracted.

Calls allow the customers to feel the raw emotions in the voice and help form stronger connections. The customers feel more connected to another person than a bot and therefore have a better experience.

The real-time conversation also allows the customers to express their needs better, and you can ask follow-up questions to solve the problems better, improving the general experience.

Allows For Growth

By allowing your customers to get in touch by phone, you are opening up your business to potential growth by creating new avenues for your business.

Phone calls provide an excellent opportunity to understand your customers better, especially when your business is just starting. You can talk directly to the customers and gain deeper insights than through other communication channels.

Phone calls can be a helpful tool for collecting data through surveys as you can ask for more detailed feedback when asking questions. Feedback on the customers’ experience and expectations helps improve your business. 

Faster Service

Although the availability of live chat forums and social media may seem more immediate, the issues often end up unsolved resulting in the need for phone calls.

Despite the need to have several communication channels in place, you will have to spend more in the long run as you require more staff to manage the channels. Are you doing business mainly in one state? Getting a Local Phone Number, e.g., an Illinois local phone number, can be beneficial if your business is based in Illinois.

A phone call is guaranteed to resolve an issue and get the customer queries dealt with within no time, improving customer service. Optimizing the phone channel will make it easier for the customers to access your services and offer support in case the other channels fail.

You can also provide faster service as customers can explain their queries in better detail when making a phone call. You will better understand the problem and can quickly offer a solution.

Builds Trust

A phone call is a great way to build trust between the customer and your business. It can be difficult for a first-time customer to trust your company, especially when dealing with high-priced items.

Potential customers are more likely to want to talk to a business directly before making a purchase. Encouraging your customers to communicate over the phone and having the channels in place will benefit your business and increase your profits.

Phone calls also provide great opportunities to build a long-lasting rapport with potential customers and make them shop again in the future.


Your Shopify Store is not likely to thrive if it lacks strong customer service. Customers are more likely to engage with stores and businesses that offer excellent customer service. Investing in a strong phone channel can help you improve customer service and take your business to the next level.

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