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4 Tips To Make Your Store Listing Stand Out On The Judge.Me Review Site

The review site’s store page serves many functions. It helps you not only display your store information and highlight your product and store reviews, but also collect more reviews via a web form. How can you make your store page more appealing to potential buyers? We have a few tips for you:

1. Update logo, banner, and store description

Your logo, banner and store description are displayed right on top and make the first impression on potential customers. So take this chance to pitch your store with an outstanding tagline and images. These will look best when they conform to our recommended dimensions and file size.

Let’s go through some examples to see how these branding elements light up a store page:

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Trek Light Gear

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Lucius Atelier

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Protein Package

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Mr Riegillio

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2. Choose your store category and customize your store’s URL

Choosing a store category helps potential customers find your store and products faster when searching on Meanwhile, the URL customization gives you an opportunity to make the store’s address shorter, easier to remember and more consistent with your brand.

3. Create review cards to showcase your products and user-generated content

A review card showcases a compelling quote of your review, star rating, product info, and a Call-to-Action (CTA) button linked to the product page. You can create multiple review cards, which are displayed in a carousel under your store description.

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Card carousel from Trek Light Gear

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Card carousel from Lucius Atelier

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Card carousel from Protein Package

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Carousel carousel from YAYA Yoga

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Carousel carousel from OmniShaver

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Carousel carousel from Pawmanity

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Carousel carousel from Mr Riegillio

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Carousel carousel from

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Carousel carousel from BodyMe

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Carousel carousel from Wraptie

Your latest cards will appear in the “Featured reviews” section on the homepage to help you gain the most exposure. To create attention-grabbing review cards, we recommend you showcase as much as possible your user-generated content (i.e. real photos submitted by past customers), and we have some tips to help you get this content easier.

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Cards displayed on the review site homepage

4. Add the store page URL on your ecommerce store to demonstrate social proof

Once you are satisfied with how your store page looks, you can use it to promote reviews and other user-generated contents from your customers. You can add the store page URL on your ecommerce site (e.g. in the footer or menu), in an email campaign, or in a blog post — anywhere that is visible to your potential customers.

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Obvi links to their store page in the footer.

Sounds interesting? 

Start updating your store page today and reach more potential buyers!

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