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4 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Graphics In Their Digital Marketing Efforts

A woman using her laptop for DTC ecommerce marketing purposes at a table adorned with flowers.

Digital marketing has been in ‌vogue for a long time and doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. That’s because every business owner aims to connect with potential customers and scale their ROI. 

But gone are those times when digital marketing was all about text blocks and commercial videos only. Today, eCommerce marketers now understand how much impact using the right images, graphics, and illustrations can have on a consumer's decision-making process.

Need ‌proof? According to a report by Thinkwithgoogle, close to 64% of women purchasing apparel online believe their decision is influenced by the images they see. And that's just a stat for one category of the market.

In this article, you will discover the five primary ways eCommerce businesses use graphics in their digital marketing efforts – and how you, too, can.

Graphics for social media marketing

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool that can make or break your eCommerce business. According to Statista, Facebook alone has almost 3 billion active users monthly. And that's a variable count subjected to changes every day. Other platforms like Tiktok and Instagram share a significant number, even if they are less populated than Facebook.

So if there's a place to boost your eCommerce sales, that will be social media. But how can you do that with the hundreds of competitors already dominating these platforms even before you?

This is where using graphics takes the trophy. Gen-Z buyers are no longer interested in wordy blocks of text and long lines of the so-called interactive sales copies. They would instead check out an image illustration passing the same message without wasting much of their time.

For example, instead of writing tons of copies for your product on Instagram, you can slide in a line of text accompanied by a relevant product image. You can be more productive and ensure the idea has interesting or intriguing elements.

If you have so much information to pass across and a single image can't do the job, switch to carousels. Facebook offers this feature so marketers, especially eCommerce owners, can post multiple graphics ‌simultaneously.

Each carousel graphic should link to the next and take your social followers and prospects through an exciting journey. The good side is that visuals convey your message faster and help people ‌remember your brand more.

Lastly, you can use excellent graphics to run paid advertisements on social media. Note that ads using poor graphics or too much textual content get lower clickthrough rates. And recently, social media platforms like Facebook have made their content focus primarily on visuals.

So when you're ready to run a paid social media advertisement, do less talking and show more with quality visuals. You can also try the A/B testing feature to see which graphics work best for your products.

Buffer your website with some visuals.

Another place to properly use graphics for your eCommerce business is on your website. This is because it is the main landing page where all your new and existing customers will get more product information.

The homepage should contain sparse text and more illustrations of your services. The icons for navigation should also adopt a more stylish look instead of the usual rigid ones. And in case you're a designer, you can download hair brushes for Procreate or any other brush tool to create realistic icons.

Other places to pay attention to include your product page. Moreover, this page has far more relevance than the others since that's where customers will decide what to add to their cart or what not. Ensure your product images are updated and high-quality instead of being blurry and irrelevant.

You should note that; product images don't always have to be so bland and empty. Of course, you should be careful of adding too many details to your graphics since your prospects are mainly interested in seeing how your product looks, not the extra information.

The action buttons could also use some makeup. You can work with your page designer to implement fantastic CSS or Javascript graphic tricks that excite your customers when they hover over your links.

Create blog content with relevant graphics.

The blog section is where you get to educate your customers and incoming leads. Notably, most eCommerce marketers see it as a place to build themselves as an authority and improve their website's SEO.

You should integrate visual elements like infographics to convey data and facts when creating blog pieces. Since graphics can simplify complex information, you should let them take most of your content.

Note that you don't have to use Infographics every time. Illustrations and even graphic animations can help glue your customers to their screens.

Since visuals improve attention span, it'll help readers focus more on the usually unnoticed inside-post product links and CTAs.

Graphics in email marketing

Similar to how you use graphics for creating excellent lead-generation blog pieces, you can also implement the same visual practices for your email marketing.

Often, emails are used to reach out to existing customers who have already purchased a product from your eCommerce store or have an account with you. 

In such situations, you can send them occasional product updates and weekly newsletters while entirely using the visual approach.

So instead of sending a 300-word email post, you can summarize everything into an infographic or illustration. Better still, you can mix textual and graphic content.


Digital marketing is both a lead and sales source for eCommerce businesses. And you have to make sure you're using it the right way. 

Adopt the visual approach to scaling your ROI and make your social media more visible than text. Optimize existing and new blog posts with infographics and relevant images. Finally, use graphics to relay your messages perfectly when crafting those beautiful emails.

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