4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy



Since Instagram started in 2010, it’s amassed over half a billion active users. What began as a simple photo sharing platform has grown into one of the largest social media sites in the world, and it holds equally large potential as a marketing platform for eCommerce stores.


Instagram operates differently than most of its competitors. The interface is much different than Facebook, and you can’t post text-only posts like Twitter or Google Plus. To market on Instagram, you’ll need to curate the right images, follow a publishing schedule, and understand how reach on the platform works. Once you create your Instagram marketing strategy, you can open up many new doors for your eCommerce store.


Take and Post Beautiful, Intriguing Photos


This tip may seem like an obvious one, given Instagram’s roots as a photo sharing platform. It’s absolutely essential to post high quality photos which will intrigue and interest your target audience in order to garner attention.


The most difficult part of curating imagery is knowing which types of photos interest your audience. Find popular hashtags which relate to your shopper and curate photos to use them. Look at your competitor’s Instagram page to see which types of photos work for them and follow their lead.


No matter which types of images you choose to post on your Instagram, they must be high quality – no poorly lit, grainy cell phone photos allowed. Professional photos will catch the eye of your audience and show your professionalism as a business. On the contrary, poorly composed, low quality photos will send your audience a message of mediocrity, making them more likely to shop at your store.


Work With Influencers


Like blogging, Instagram has influencers for almost every niche. Influencers are users with mass followings on the platform, and they can play a major role in your Instagram marketing strategy.


Make a list of influencers in your niche and reach out to them. Ask them to promote your Instagram and store with a photo of your product. When an influencer agrees, you’ll have an opportunity to reach their audience, earning customers and followers simultaneously.


Make User-Generated Content (UGC) An Integral Part of Your Strategy


Taking photos and editing them is a time consuming process. Consider hosting a contest, introducing a hashtag, or offering something in return for users to take, post, and send you photos of them using your product.


UGC works for your store in three major ways:


  • Your customer feels a more personal connection with your company. When they see their photo on your account, they’ll get excited about the publicity and feel closer to your business.
  • You’ll save time and money by having your customers do your photography. Hiring a photographer is expensive, and taking photos yourself can absorb hours you’d rather spend on other parts of your business.
  • You’ll establish a customer-centered reputation. New customers will see the UGC on your Instagram and know immediately that you care about them personally as a shopper.

Use Instagram Ads


Several years ago, Instagram introduced paid ads to catch up with their competitors. They offer three types of ads:


Photo Ads
Video Ads
Carousel Ads


Create a highly targeted ad campaign using Instagram’s advertisement platform and watch your reach explode. The ads will appear in your audience’s feed as any other organic post, helping it garner more natural attention. Instagram ads are among the most effective social media ads, so make them a crucial part of your marketing strategy.


What are your Instagram marketing tips? How has Instagram marketing helped your bottom line? Let us know in the comments below!

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