4 Ways To Personalize Your Merchandising


Merchandising that speaks to everyone, speaks to no one. No two shoppers are the same, so why try to merchandise for the masses? Personalize your merchandising instead. 

The beauty of ecommerce merchandising is you don’t have to take a one-size-fits-all approach. With an intelligent solution, you can deliver highly targeted experiences to each individual visitor, at every stage of the buyer journey.  

Let’s take a look at four ways to personalize your merchandising strategy. 

1. Merchandise For Shopper Values

Start with customer personas. Go beyond basic demographic data and dive into who your shoppers are, and what makes them tick. 

Are they young and trend-driven? Boost new arrivals to catch their eye. Do they appreciate classic styles and quality? Prioritize best sellers in product displays. 

Focus on what matters to your shoppers and align your merchandising with their values. Target eco-conscious customers with messaging about your sustainability practices. Reassure shoppers with flexible payments banners. Is your target demographic reluctant to shop with new or unfamiliar sites? Take steps to build trust in your store

2. Personalize Merchandising Based on Shopper Behavior

Next, dive into site reports and utilize AI tools to strategize for visitor patterns and behavior. 

Say a large proportion of shoppers only purchase during sale periods. Draw attention to your loyalty program and incentivize return visits in merchandising and email communications.  

Do you see a spike in last-minute shoppers for key holidays? Curate easy-to-navigate gift guides and highlight express shipping or in-store pickup options in your banners. 

If you attract a steady stream of return visitors, update imagery and product displays often to keep your site fresh and engaging. High bounce rates at checkout? Look at ways to streamline the experience and reduce cart abandonment

3. Merchandise For Shopper Location 

Geo-merchandising dynamically adapts your messaging, promotions, and product display based on the visitor’s location. 

Whether it’s seasonal clothing, merchandise for their local sports team, or home and garden goods to suit their climate, shoppers’ needs vary by location. Relevancy and product discovery are key, so don’t target everyone with the same products.

Geo-merchandising is also indispensable for retailers with different policies or promotions in different regions. Ensure shoppers always find accurate information for their location with geo-targeted messaging.

4. Merchandise For Shopper Preferences

Take your merchandising to the next level with personalized experiences tailored to the individual shopper using data and AI to make decisions. 

Personalized merchandising uses machine learning and dynamic boost rules to adapt a shopper’s search results based on their on-site behavior. Customers see more of the products they love, and conversions naturally follow.  

Lastly, don’t forget personalized product recommendations. Surface hyper-relevant suggestions that reflect individual shopper preferences to improve product discovery and boost sales.

Right Product, Right Shopper, Right Time

Today’s shoppers demand more than generic merchandising. Bland messaging and irrelevant offers don’t create the impact you need to stand out in a competitive market. 

Personalize your strategy with AI and an intelligent merchandising platform, and get the right product in front of the right shopper every time. 

Special thanks to our friends at Searchspring for their insights on this topic.
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