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5 Automated Text Messages Necessary for Every Ecommerce Site

Image: Phone displaying automated text messages.

Automated text messages are small, yet powerful marketing tools that can help brands boost their customer engagement and prolong their lifetime value.

Almost absolute open rate (98%) and a 29% engagement rate make SMS a must-have marketing channel for every ecommerce site.

Two of every three people worldwide use a mobile phone to send and receive text messages. Surprisingly, SMS marketing has been underestimated for a long time.


For this article, I’ve chosen automatic text messages that are the most effective and don’t require specific customer data that merchants wouldn’t necessarily have. Moreover, text messages work even better when supported by emails. Keep reading and learn how to use this sweet duo most effectively.

1. Browse Abandonment

Many merchants use the “spray and pray” method by sending emails or SMS messages in bulk. That might work for a while, but data shows that triggered messages perform better. Automated emails and text messages can reach customers at the right time with the right content.

One of the examples is browse Abandonment. We know how widespread the cart abandonment issue is. But imagine how many customers fall in love with your products and leave the site without putting them in their shopping carts. You can win them back by sending an automated text message. See some examples below:


Some more ideas for SMS copy:

  • Thanks for stopping by! We noticed you visited us and would love to see you again. Visit us now at [link to the site]
  • Hi [customer_name], thanks for visiting us! We sent you an email with a deal you’ll love. Check your inbox!

2. Cart Abandonment

You can apply the same scenario to address your cart abandonment. An automated workflow for the cart recovery is king among other workflows, and it is a must-have one for every merchant.

Let’s look at the examples to understand better how it works.


Some more examples:

  • Your shopping cart is waiting for you. Don’t let it expire! Use code [code name] to get a 20% off the entire order. [link to the site]
  • Still shopping? Don’t miss out! 30% off your order. Use code [code name] at the checkout. [link to the site]

The 4th example shows a workflow where the text message supports prior cart recovery emails. The message is sent only if emails haven’t worked.


3. Order Confirmation

Multiple touchpoints with your customers are vital to stay at the top of their minds. Although order confirmation messages don’t generate direct revenue, they are suitable for engaging with your customers.

Find below examples of how other businesses use this message to their advantage.


More examples:

  • Thank you for your order. We will contact you when your package is shipped. Contact us at +971567282242 for any inquiry.
  • Thank you for choosing [brand name] as your workout accessory provider! We have received your order, and we’re packing it up now. Tracking information will be available once your order ships.

For order confirmation, you may also use SMS and email. See the example below:


4. Special Occasion

Customers’ birthdays, signup anniversaries, and other occasions are perfect for re-engaging with your customers. Don’t miss that opportunity!

At Omnisend, brands often follow up text messages with an email. We find this practice the best because you can add lovely images of the product and a coupon code; these visuals help brands sell more.

See what messages and automated workflows merchants send for these occasions.


More examples of SMS copy:

  • We know today is special! Happy Birthday from us all at [brand_name]. Check your email for a little present.
  • Happy Birthday [customer_name]! We sent a present to you by email. Don’t forget to open it!

5. Cross-Sell and More

Automatic SMS sending is perfect for up-selling, cross-selling, feedback gathering, and many other necessary things for ecommerce, especially time-sensitive offers.

Here’s another batch of text message examples that may inspire you:

  • [Customer_name], because of your recent purchase of [product], there is an upgrade available to you for the [product group] at 60% off! Visit: [link to the site]
  • Do you love [brand name]? Let us know! It would help us out if you post a review here: [link]
  • Your 10% discount expires tonight. Head to [link to the site] to redeem it. Code: [code_name]
  • Hello! We hope that you can take a moment to give us some feedback! Please check out the email that we sent to you.
  • Kind regards, Team [brand name]
  • Free [brand name] voucher only for you! Use the code [code name] at the checkout. Redeem it now: [link to the site]


There are dozens of scenarios possible for SMS marketing automation. Timely and relevant automated messages can reduce the time spent on tedious work and help you focus on big ideas for your core business.

If you’re still hesitant about SMS marketing, consult with Omnisend. Get a one-on-one demo and learn about your business opportunities today.

Our friends initially published this article at Omnisend.

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