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5 Benefits of Adopting a Customer-Centric Approach in E-Commerce

A customer-centric yellow book with the word customer central on it.

A customer-centric approach brings many benefits you might need to realize on the surface.

Not only will you develop better consumer relationships, but you will also develop brand loyalty. Over time, word of mouth will grow, and you will gain new buyers without additional effort.

Start by thinking about your typical buyer. Create a persona representing who they are and what problem they are trying to solve. With some forethought, you can predict how they will react to any new product, marketing campaign, or policy change.

Adopting a customer-centric approach may be the first step to stronger CX and gaining people’s business in a tight economy. Here are the five main benefits of focusing on the shopper over everything else.

1. Meet Customer Needs

When you focus on what pain points people need to solve, you will be better able to serve them. They can trust that you have the solution to their problem and understand what they are going through.

Creating a better customer experience starts with personalization. Statista reported that about 75% of customers want better personalization if they share more information with companies. Most respondents stated they expect stronger personalized messages with advances in AI technology.

An example might be an e-commerce store selling burglar alarms. The customer's pain point is worry over recent neighborhood break-ins. However, the emotion behind the concern is fear for family safety, or perhaps love and wanting to protect their children. Once you fully understand your customers, it is easier to put their needs first in your marketing, your site setup, and even the products you offer.

Brands that put their customers first stay at the top of their game. They do not have to guess what customers want because they make sure they have the data to know exactly what their buyers need most.

2. Reach Consumers Directly

A customer-centric approach plays well as more brands move to a direct advertising approach on social media platforms. You can reach consumers directly and fully understand who your target market is.

One company mentioned they prefer to hire more than half of their sales team as former Chief Marketing Officers rather than salespeople. CMOs better understand how to package and aim a message at a particular persona.

Please take a look at where your customers hang out. If your demographics suggest they are mainly Gen Z, you can hop onto TikTok. On the other hand, if you serve mainly seniors, you might find more of your audience on Facebook. Know your typical buyers and where they are most likely to be online.

3. Gain Higher Sales

When you put the customer first and understand their needs, you will be more likely to consider them when you add new products and decide on pricing. The trust factor comes into play with repeat buyers — they know they can trust you will promptly deliver the item they paid for.

Each time you put customers first and consider their needs, you show them you are the best choice from all the other players in your niche. Make the experience so positive that they have zero reason to look elsewhere for the needed products.

4. Automate Communication

A customer-centric approach puts a focus on communication. You can tap into the power of automation to increase interaction with shoppers. The more engaged your mailing list is, the more likely they will remain loyal to your brand.

Send out customized messages on autopilot. You can create a drip sequence so new subscribers get a warm welcome email, a note about your lead magnet, and an offer.

Consider what your customers want and decide on the emails you will send to welcome them. If you experienced the same pain point they did that led them your way, what kind of messaging would you want to receive?

You can even tap into the power of artificial intelligence, using bots to generate the emails you send. They will give you a series of campaign options that have proven successful for other companies.

5. Retain Customers

Brands spend much time, money, and effort attracting new customers. Is there anything you can do to keep current fans while bringing in new ones to spur growth?

A customer-centric approach frees your staff to do everything possible to keep the buyer happy. When you give them the ability to make choices without fear of retribution, they will become more creative in their solutions. Consumers will be satisfied, and your CX will rise.

Statista's 2022 marketing survey found 50% of respondents felt a personalization strategy increased customer retention and revenue. Thus, it’s beneficial to present a personalized experience aimed at each individual.

People want to feel they are more than just a number — they want to know the brands they buy from appreciate their business. At the same time, they need to see value for their money. When you put the customer first, you will develop loyal followers who help you promote your brand without you doing anything else.

Create a Customer-Centric Company

The customer experience is crucial, so never make decisions in a vacuum. Map how each touchpoint, determination, and element impacts those who bring in the revenue that keeps your company running. Create memorable and positive moments with your customers, and they will become your loyal fans, lifting your brand up and helping you grow with referrals and repeat business. Leaders who love their customers and employees who go above and beyond help make a company successful.

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