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5 Easiest Wins to Increase Revenue with Messenger and SMS Marketing


Our team has been helping brands optimize their use of Octane AI to maximize revenue they collect. Most brands at the moment looking for the easiest wins to increase revenue using tools they already have access to.

That’s why we’ve put together the 5 ways you can increase revenue through Octane AI immediately. Our team actively uses these methods to help top brands increase revenue. 

1. Use the Most Effective Opt-In Tools

Opt-in tools are vital to growing your subscriber list. The larger your list, the more effective your campaigns will be. We’ve found that the most effective opt-in tools are the most accessible for visitors to subscribe through. The welcome and exit intent pop-up are easy for visitors to take advantage of discounts and subscribe to Messenger all while not leaving your site

The first time someone visits your site you can set the welcome pop-up to appear and offer a discount code through Messenger. Once they click the call to action, they’ll be able to access the discount code directly from the pop-up itself.

The exit intent pop-up encourages a customer to subscribe to your Messenger when they take actions that indicate they’re intending to leave your site. Customize these opt-in tools to your brand and edit the placement of pop-ups towards specific URL’s or devices.

Another great way to collect opt-ins onsite is to run a discount promotion through the on-site customer chat widget. The customer chat widget is an opt-in tool that allows your customers to chat with your bot directly from your store. This is a great way to provide a great customer experience, increase conversion and get more bot subscribers.

Skinny Mixes used featuring a promotion on the customer chat widget to convert 13.41% of all site visitors to Messenger subscribers.

2. Turn on Abandonment Flows for Messenger and SMS

Abandonment flows are low hanging fruit for collecting more revenue. With much higher open rates on Messenger and SMS, 1 in 9 abandoned cart messages convert to a purchase. There are two flows we recommend turning on if you have not already: browse and cart abandonment.

Browse abandonment messages are reminders that your opted-in visitors receive through Messenger after they browse through your store.

Cart abandonment flows are triggered when a customer subscribes to the bot on your Shopify store and adds a product to their cart but does not purchase. A set amount of time later, a message is sent to the customer with a link to their full cart. They can choose to follow through with their purchase with the Buy link!

3. Turn on Comment Capture

With the Comment Capture feature you can respond to comments on your Facebook posts with an automated message from your bot. This can help you collect subscribers just by posting to your Facebook page as you normally would.

Global comment capture will send a message to customers who comment on all posts for the first time. You can also use Comment Capture to run campaigns on specific posts. Specific posts are great for contests like “Comment for a chance to win” for example.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 1.49.49 PM

4. Switch Your Regular Facebook Ads to Click to Messenger Ads

Increase your ROAS by changing regular Facebook ads to click to Messenger ads. These ads use the same creative, but switch the call-to-action to a Messenger conversation. This allows you to retarget those who click the ad in their Messenger inbox instead of chasing them with ads around the internet. 

Earth Fed Muscle made this switch and saw 14X their return on ad spend

You can also launch conversations directly from the ad that collect information like email or phone number. This can help you increase your opt-ins across channels.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.03.35 PM

You can create a welcome series flow using sponsored messages to re-engage those who have recently engaged with your brand. 

By creating the sponsored message from within Octane AI, you can connect a conversation to existing content within your account. After creating the message, use targeting within Facebook Ads manager to target the message. 

To target the correct audience you will want to create a new Facebook custom audience with “Facebook Page” as the source. Include people who sent you a message in the past 5 days and exclude people who sent you a message in the past 2 days and those who have added to cart in the past 5 days. This will make sure the sponsored message will send to people on day 3, 4, or 5 from them messaging you on Facebook who have not received a cart abandonment flow.

If you’re running a sale, you can also send a Facebook message or SMS about the sale to everyone in your audience. You can create and target your message similar to the welcome series with specific targeting to personalize your message. This is a great way to send a message that drives revenue immediately. 

Want us to help you implement strategies like this?

The 250+ Page Playbook on Facebook Messenger & SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Fast-growing DTC brands implementing this playbook have connected with 18x more customers, doubled their 7-day ROAS, recovered 5x more abandoned cart revenue & increased AOV 25%.


This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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