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5 Ecommerce Trends Everyone Should Pay Attention to in 2018

2018 ecommerce trends

Most of the trends coming next year are focused on making the consumer happier than ever.

It’s hard to believe there’s anything to look forward to in 2018, but as the eCommerce wars heat up, there’s at least plenty to pay attention to.

2017 asserted the dominance of eCommerce: Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion; Google Home and Walmart partnered up to ship items to people via Google Express; internet clothing darling, Everlane, did the unthinkable and opened up its first brick-and-mortar store.

During these pivotal moments, artificial intelligence and augmented reality continued to shake up how people-and the eCommerce industry-use their phones and the experiences they seek. The good news?

Most of the trends coming in 2018 are pointing towards making the consumer happier than ever.

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