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5 Facebook Messenger Growth Hacks for Your Shopify Store

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When Facebook launched its Messenger app a lot of people were skeptical about Facebook having a ton of different apps. They thought that it’s not going to work. Messenger proved them wrong and currently has 1.2 billion monthly users. That being said, there are a ton of businesses that now use Messenger to get more engagement, convert leads to customers, and get more sales. We did some research and found out the best Messenger growth hacks for you to experiment with.

  • Messenger Popups
  • Messenger Landing Pages
  • Messenger Content Updates
  • Messenger to Launch a Product
  • Messenger to Create Interactive Sign Up Forms

Messenger Popups

Chat is a much more effective communication method than email. Let’s be honest, do you open every single that comes to your inbox? Nope. me neither. What about a chat message? I do, every single time.

It’s informal, short, and exciting.

We are programmed to open chat messages. When we get that ping we want to stop everything and check the message.

Marketers are using chatbot platforms like ManyChat to build chat popups instead of email popups, and they are getting incredible results. According to Neil Patel, chat messages got him an 88% open rate and 56% click-through rate. If you compare that to the average email open rate that is about 4-5 times more powerful.

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