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5 Performance Analyzers for Marketing Optimization

A screenshot of the Google Analytics dashboard, showcasing 5 performance analyzers.

Performance Grader

When it comes to areas for improvement, there’s nothing marketers love more than a good report. Show us performance metrics, actionable insights, and projected ROI, and you’ve got our attention.

That being said, it’s not always easy to know which areas need improvement or how to go about implementing effective changes.

That’s where the following five tools come in, before you pivot entire marketing strategies or expend resources, make sure you’ve done some research and prioritize areas with the quickest ROI on effort.

These five performance graders are free online tools that will help you find and optimize aspects of your marketing plan for improved performance and efficiency.

1. SEMrush keyword analyzer

The keyword analyzer by SEMrush is an addition to their SEO suite that empowers users to judge keywords by their potential. Powerful metrics like click potential, difficulty, and SERPs all update quickly for an accurate picture of each word.

SEMrush’s keyword analyzer empowers marketers to make more informed SEO decisions about their content. By making keyword research more accessible, SEMrush makes a content marketers job even easier.

Content marketing plays a powerful role in many marketer’s strategies. Whether it’s to nurture shoppers through the funnel, acquire new customers, or re engage previous buyers–content is king. But even more important than content is search engine optimized content. 

Ranking for your target keywords is crucial for driving organic traffic to your site, customer acquisition, and brand recognition. If your content isn’t ranking for your industry’s keywords then you can be sure your competitor’s is. 

Stronger keyword research can help you find attainable keywords to rank for when creating content. Starting with this foundation means you can strategically generate content designed to rank and convert.

Check out how your current keyword strategy measures up so you can make your content as optimized as possible.

SEMrush Graph

2. WordStream Facebook ad opportunity calculator

WordStream’s opportunity calculator helps you get a better idea if Facebook ads are worth it for your business. Their calculator analyzes your organic reach, cost-to-reach, and targeting options that are best for you.

By providing a series of scenarios in their results, you can see all the opportunities on the table with Facebook ads. Change up the budgets, simulate re-marketing scenarios, and more to find the most effective strategy for your business.

With social platforms growing in their influence, ability to drive customer acquisition, and even complete a purchase through a post, they’re not something brands can afford to ignore. But before going all in, it’s critical to investigate whether or not paid ads on these platforms are effective for your audience and worth your time. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms so it only makes since that before running potentially expensive marketing campaigns that won’t work, you calculate the efficacy of Facebook ads for your website. 

No risk and the chance to identify missed opportunities makes this online analyzer a win-win!

WordStream Facebook Ad Calculator

3. HubSpot marketing grader

With over four million websites graded, you know HubSpot must be doing something right with their online grader.Their free marketing performance grader analyzes your entire marketing strategy (30 factors) in under 30 seconds.

HubSpot designed this report to pull back the curtain on your marketing efforts to reveal what’s working and what’s not. Your report comes with a grade between 1 and 100 to help marketers understand how elements like social media, blogging, mobile experience, and competitive benchmarks all work together to influence overall marketing performance.

Customized action items for your whole funnel make it simple to decide on your next steps for optimization. To make this report even more helpful HubSpot includes resources to help you learn more about the topics where your grade could be improved.

If you want an omnichannel approach to analysis and improvement–this is the online grader for you!

HubSpot Grader

The Justuno CRO Analyzer is a free, instant analysis of your website’s conversion performance designed to show you how your website compares to others and how Justuno can increase the value of your other marketing efforts.

Our analyzer compares your website’s performance with billions of Justuno visitor profiles. This AI-driven review provides actionable insights for each metric to optimize your overall conversion rate. 

Off-site marketing efforts benefit from onsite optimizations through improved ROI and personalized customer experiences. By improving the overall experience once a visitor lands on your site, you’ll boost conversions and create compelling customer journeys.

Key performance metrics like bounce rate, cart abandonment, and more all experience improved rates with the use of an onsite CRO platform. These metrics add up to an overall performance grade that reflects the health of your website and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

See just how much Justuno can help your website improve, and your bottom line grow. 

CRO report

While this technically isn’t an “online performance” grader per say…Hotjar’s free trial gives you access to all eight of their tools instantly, including their heatmaps. 

Their heatmap tool is another great resource to use when analyzing your website’s performance since it visualizes your visitors behavior. Heatmaps help you understand the customer’s journey and their site experience through clicks, movement, and scroll actions. 

Reveal where your visitors spend their time, devote attention to…and what they completely ignore with Hotjar’s maps. Answer crucial site experience questions like:

  • Are visitors entirely missing crucial site elements? 
  • Are they getting from point A to point B efficiently?
  • How do mobile visitors compare to desktop in terms of behavior?

Visitor behavior is a powerful signal of what motivates your visitors and how engaged they are with your site. By understanding what your visitors care about vs. don’t, what captures their attention vs. is ignored–you’ll be able to paint a picture of how your website suites its visitors needs.

From the most to least interacted with parts of your site, Hotjar reveals potential areas for A/B testing. Hotjar empowers you to make sure the site experience you think you’re serving is the one your visitors are actually having.

HotJar Heatmap

There are countless moving parts that go into marketing strategies and in all that chaos, it’s easy to lose sight of performance. Whether it’s getting more ROI out of your current marketing efforts, exploring new avenues for customer acquisition, or grading your entire marketing strategy–these five tools are here to help.

Outside reports such as these are a great way to gauge potential growth and find insight into overlooked areas. Every retailer no matter how big or small has areas where their marketing strategy could be optimized, their experience more tailored, and sales grow. Check out how your marketing measures up today!

Kathryn Browning

Kathryn Browning

Kathryn is Justuno’s resident content marketer who writes about all things marketing and e-commerce related. When she’s not at her desk on the weekends, she’s probably eating tacos or on the hunt for the best happy hour in town.

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This article originally appeared in the Justuno blog and has been published here with permission.

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