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5 Proven Strategies To Make Your Product Descriptions Stand Out

Product descriptions play a crucial role for businesses that operate online or have e-commerce stores.

These descriptions are short write-ups that provide information about the product's benefits and features. They inform potential customers about the product and help search engine crawlers understand the product better.

Moreover, product descriptions are instrumental in convincing customers to choose your product over others. Therefore, businesses must put their best foot forward when creating product descriptions that stand out among other brands. While it may be challenging, following the right techniques or strategies can make all the difference.

This article will discuss five proven strategies to create compelling product descriptions.

5 Effective Strategies That Can Help In Coming Up with Perfect Descriptions

Below, we have discussed the five most effective strategies that online businesses can consider following to write good product descriptions.

Focus On Benefits Along With Features

To come up with descriptions that have the potential to make an impact. You should focus on how a product can benefit the customers instead of just praising it by highlighting the features. 

Do you need clarification on product features or benefits? Features are characteristics or abilities of a product. On the other hand, the benefits are the results that the product will provide to its consumers. You need to focus on BENEFITS! Check out the image below to get an idea of how you can highlight benefits. 

In the above picture, the brand has highlighted how its “Headset” can benefit the customers. This will give the readers a feel that the brand’s main aim is to serve the customer rather than sell the products. 

Make It Attractive To Read

Making the product descriptions as compelling as possible is considered an effective strategy. Doing so will not only help attract and engage maximum potential customers but also encourage them to purchase. 

To make the description appealing to read, no rocket science is needed. Brands must use more engaging and compelling words rather than casual or boring ones. 

Normal Version: 

“This is the best watch that you can find in the market. It features an attractive display along with a sleek design. It is completely water resistant and comes in multiple designs and colors.”

This is quite a generic description. We will write its compelling version by using engaging words and phrases. 

Compelling Version: 

“Keep track of your time with the best watch on the market. The crystal-clear display and sleek design contribute to increasing its aesthetic appeal. The watch comes in multiple colors for added versatility and is completely water resistant.” 

As you can see, the second version is more appealing to read than the first, thanks to engaging words. 

If you have difficulty coming up with engaging descriptions, you can get help from AI tools like Copy.ai or Jasper.ai

Keep It Short And Concise

Just spending time or effort on coming up with compelling descriptions will not be enough to make them stand out. Instead, you also need to pay attention to the length. Keep the product description short; avoid describing your brand/product success stories. 

This is because customers usually need more time. That’s why they prefer skimming through descriptions that quickly provide the required information. 

The thumb rule to stay concise and to the point is not to use unnecessary words and phrases and to try to describe all essential details about the product within a few hundred words. This will require a firm grip on writing and a reasonable amount of time, especially when dealing with numerous descriptions. 

It would be good.  To utilize an AI text summarizer. It will quickly and efficiently remove all the unnecessary words from your description without damaging the original meaning and quality. 

Add Visuals

Visuals such as images, videos, etc., can significantly help make the product description stand out. The visuals will help the potential customers to efficiently understand how the product they are considering purchasing will look in real life.

Moreover, incorporating visuals also increases the chances of grabbing the attention of potential customers. Humans tend to engage with images and videos rather than plain text. 

So, this is considered an effective way to load up the description with visuals. For this, please follow the tips listed below. 

  • Always add high-quality images & videos. 
  • Try to add product images that are taken from different angles.

If the product is complex or technical, adding an image for each feature/benefit will improve customer understanding. 

Optimize For SEO

Imagine…how your descriptions stand out tall when they do not appear in the search results. This is why it is considered a proven strategy to optimize product descriptions for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Doing so will help search engines efficiently crawl and reward them with the required rankings. When the order is granted, the descriptions can compete with others. 

Now, the question is how to SEO-optimize the product descriptions. For this, you will take care of multiple things:

Optimizing Product Title:

  • Capitalize each word of the product title (e.g., Gaming Headset for PS4.)
  • Include main keywords & brand name as well. 
  • Keep it to an appropriate length. 

Optimizing Main body: 

  • Use relevant keywords strategically (where they look natural). 
  • Make use of bullets or numbering to explain necessary information. 
  • Bold or Italic certain words and phrases. 
  • Add Call-to-action (CTA). 

Optimizing Visual:

  • Add alternative text (Alt text) for each picture. 
  • Keep the alt clear and concise. 
  • Use keywords in the Alt text as well.
  • Keep it smaller in size. Use web-friendly NexGen formats like WebP, SVG, and AVIF.

Let’s Wrap Up the Things

If you want to drive user engagement and increase sales, creating standout product descriptions that differentiate your products from the competition is essential. To help you achieve this, we've compiled a blog post outlining five effective strategies you can implement. These strategies are designed to help you create compelling product descriptions that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions. By following these tips, you can improve your product descriptions and increase your chances of success in the marketplace.

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