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5 Reasons You Should Attend Our Fall Summit


On the fence about whether to register for Aspire Higher: The Fall Summit? Here are 5 reasons that may convince you to click “RSVP.”


1. Network With Other Founders & Marketers

Our fall summit is catered to people exactly where you are in your career. The summit will feature people at all levels, like:

  • Michelle Razavi, Founder at wellness brand Elavi
  • Barbora Samieian, Co-Founder at furniture brand Sundays & food brand Field & Social
  • Krista Weaver, Director of Social and Influencer at baby brand Owlet
  • Brooke Curran, Assistant Brand Manager at footwear brand Birdies
  • Lindsay McClelland, Director of Marketing at family sleepwear brand Little Sleepies


This 2-day virtual event is dedicated to “the new ROI”. The return on influence, that is. Listen to influencer marketing leaders offer the education you need to scale your Shopify brand. You’ll hear strategies to break through the noise, skyrocket sales, and build a loyal fandom.

To give you a sneak peek, sessions will cover topics like:

  • “The Secret to a Money-Making Influencer Program” — home brand Universal Windows Direct shares how it drove $1.8M in influencer whitelisting, and beauty brand Mountain Rose Herbs shares how its affiliate program generated $330K. 
  • “Bootstrapping Brand Awareness” — beauty brand SKINN Cosmetics and wellness brand Pique Tea give attendees a peek behind the scenes at tactics like product seeding, affiliate marketing, and PR, to drive dramatic results on a tight budget.
  • “Power to the People: Turning Relationships Into ROI” — beverage brand WTRMLN WTR, fragrance brand Scentbird, and lifestyle brand Girlfriend Collective discuss how to leverage partnerships for sales, storytelling, and retention. As a bonus: Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma Brands, moderates this panel, passing along his own wisdom. 


3. Learn From Inspirational Speakers to Scale Your Brand

Dee Murthy and Jiake Liu are no strangers to success. Dee has founded multiple brands worth hundreds of millions of dollars today, and Jiake just raised his Series B investment round at $50M. These founders spill their secrets on the long journey from idea to monetization.

In Dee’s fireside chat, “Omnichannel Community & Commerce,” hear him discuss the entrepreneur journey, surviving multiple recessions, the shift from department stores to DTC, and building customer LTV. As the founder of both men’s fashion brands Menlo Club and Young and Reckless, and the host of the self-proclaimed #1 podcast in the world, Dee’s advice is invaluable. 

In Jiake’s fireside chat, “Turning Your Customers Into Your Greatest Sales Team,” Jiake Liu, CEO and Co-Founder at furniture brand Outer, tells us about his brand’s inventive approach to ambassador marketing, using their own loyal customers. Hear how he fosters relationships between customers within his community to drive awareness and sales


4. Watch Aspirational Sessions That Will Renew Your Optimism

Let’s face it — working as usual during a pandemic the past 1.5 years hasn’t been easy. And as a founder? Even worse. But there are a couple sessions at the summit that may lift your spirits.

First, Frères Branchiaux, aka “The Gills Brothers” in French, is a fast-growing, family-run candle brand started by three kids and their mom, which is now featured in Washington Post, Good Morning America, and more. 

From their early days selling candles out of their minivan at local football games to landing their product in more than 30 top-selling retailers — including Macy’s — this family has practically written the formula for success. But it’s not just their success that is remarkable. In the session, “From Selling in Minivans to Macy’s,” Hear from the CEO and mom, Celena, as well as two of her sons, on how they’ve scaled the brand together, how their relationship as a family keeps them together, and their mission to end homelessness, one candle at a time.

Then, tune into “Telling a Bigger Story With Brand Experts,” where mattress brand Purple teams up with the one-and-only Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus. This duo started as genuine friends and their relationship later transformed into a business partnership that is a match made in heaven.

And hey, if you get a few extra tips on how to improve your sleep (and your life), what do you have to lose?


5. Watching Everything On-Demand

Last, we know you’re busy. You are keeping a brand afloat, after all. Even if you don’t have time to watch every session during the 2-day summit, you can still catch all the content you want on-demand after the event is over. How? Just RSVP!

Once you register, we’ll keep you up-to-date on attendee specials, like discounts from our speakers and on-demand videos you can watch at your leisure. 


Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
Introducing Your Professional Services Team

Introducing Your Professional Services Team

Judge.me Is Now A Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

Judge.me Is Now A Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

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