5 Shopify WordPress Plugins For Your Shopify Store Integration

With the all-consuming digitization of our world, e-commerce is increasingly flourishing. Launching and managing an online platform keeps becoming easier and more accessible to the average user. The number of e-commerce websites has been exponentially increasing for the past decade. Well ahead of its time during conception, WordPress quickly grew to become an undisputed leader within this niche. They offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that speaks to the layman and cutting-edge features for techy pros.

Creating a website doesn’t have to be formulaic. If you want to add a personalized touch to your e-commerce platform and diversity its features to best fit your needs and preferences, here are some of the best WordPress plugins you should check out!


MemberPress is an LMS plugin that makes it easy for creators to charge their users for online courses, content, products, and other goods and services. It’s great for tracking and managing recurring payments like memberships and subscriptions. If standardized pricing and cyclical payments are your priority, this plugin is for you.

You can share unique landing pages and material, view and manage paid members, and generate promotional codes all within MemberPress. You can also create a community forum to interact with your user base.

You can monetize your WordPress website with MemberPress, create the ideal membership site, manage who sees your content, offer online courses and downloads, and securely accept credit cards and electronic wallets, all with a few clicks of setup and easy post-management.

  • Cost – 129$ – 349$ for a yearly subscription, fully refundable
  • Free trial period – 2 weeks
  • Our rating – 9/10

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a plug-in used for selling digital goods. It allows you to edit and personalize the shopping cart and the built-in buy button.

It’s important to note the useful functions of Easy Digital Downloads, such as creating client profiles and using promotional coupons. The analytics data from Easy Digital Downloads allows you to monitor your sales. Additionally, customer evaluations of the merchant mention how helpful and attentive the support staff is.

The limitation of Easy Digital Downloads is that you can’t have an infinite number of SKUs. Therefore, if you intend to extend or expand your product line, you should pass on this. And if you want to sell physical goods, you might need to look for a different WordPress e-commerce plug-in. 

Easy Digital Downloads is geared towards digital-only businesses. It’s perfect for online courses and writing services. If you are a student or a worker whose writing skills leave something to be desired, or if you lead a busy lifestyle with an overworked schedule, we recommend using WritingUniverse – they offer professional writers who can cover a wide range of specialized topics with the highest quality.

  • Cost – 99$ – 499$ a year
  • Free trial period – No free trial, but the payment is fully refundable within a month of purchase
  • Our rating – 7/10

Shopify buy button

You can quickly integrate e-commerce into your WordPress website with the help of the Shopify Buy Button. The buy button is fully customizable, and you can choose when and where it appears on the site. It’s easy to earn money from your current WordPress blog or website.

To start selling with the Shopify Buy Button, you need to copy and paste the specially generated one-time code provided by Shopify onto your WordPress website. Even the style and feel may be modified to match your preferences.

The Buy Button produces a mini-site that is separate from but concurrent with your WordPress site rather than starting from scratch with a new Shopify store. Although it looks to be on your WordPress website, it is linked to your protected Shopify account.

Adding an infinite number of items, integrating over a hundred suitable payment gateways, tracking sales and growth trends, and making international taxes and currency translation easier are a few additional benefits of the Shopify Buy Button. The plugin allows you to fully customize your brand and present your products exactly how you want. You can choose between color, size, shape, placement, click-sound, and action of the buy button. 

Making your WordPress website into an online storefront has never been easier. You can generate the launch code in just a few clicks and get going in no time. Simply drag the Buy Button into position and choose the item you want to highlight. The Shopify Buy Button integrates seamlessly with Shopify’s safe shopping cart technology to build a stand-alone mini storefront for your website. 

  • Cost – 9$ per month with discount options 
  • Free trial period – 3 days
  • Our rating – 10/10!


The WooCommerce Migration plugin is yet another powerful Shopify WordPress add-on tool. You may sell all of your items after migrating data from Shopify to WooCommerce without paying Shopify a commission. Furthermore, thanks to this plugin, you needn’t worry about manually putting up tax and delivery expenses. Once engaged, it immediately pulls all applicable tax and shipping prices from Shopify and factors them in automatically. This convenient plugin is a practical tool that takes care of your paperwork and frees you up to focus on creativity and growth.

WooCommerce was the first plugin created primarily for e-commerce. It allows you to customize the design of your website and alter its features, giving you a lot of wiggle room with your branding and marketing choices. It also lets you sell both physical and digital products. After setting up WordPress, you can install and activate WooCommerce from the Plugin Directory to begin configuring your store. The fundamental WooCommerce plugin comes with all the tools required to build and maintain an online store, including payment gateways, product display pages, and shopping cart features.

The plugin is completely free, with no hidden charges for extra features. All you need to get started is to go through a quick and intuitive setup process. But WooCommerce is not without its share of problems. Users report frequent crashes and point out a clumsy interface design. It’s a high-maintenance plugin, and software engineers must introduce constant updates to ensure it keeps working properly.

  • Cost – Free 
  • Free trial period – N/A
  • Our rating – 8/10


BigCommerce is the best option if multichannel selling is a component of your business plan because it can be used in social media and other online channels.  The user-friendly e-commerce application offers limitless storage, consistent backups, easy upgrades, and security updates. 

Although there are 40 tools that are compatible with BigCommerce, there are not as many gateway integration choices as there are with other alternatives. Also, keep in mind that this plugin offers several platform connectors, each of which may differ, making it challenging to feel comfortable utilizing the platform in various contexts. 

Over 100,000 company websites globally, including well-known names like Canon and Nissan, are hosted with BigCommerce. It is a fully hosted framework that offers a comprehensive approach to creating online retail, with all crucial capabilities included in the entry-level edition. The core BigCommerce site builder comes with a broad range of sophisticated options, like forgotten shopping cart restoration, connection with popular social media and e-commerce platforms like Pinterest, eBay, and Amazon, and SSL certificates for safe payment processing. Over 700 additional tools and extensions are available in the BigCommerce app store for consumers that require more specialized functionality.

BigCommerce allegedly has more features than any rivaling eCommerce platform; however, since all of these features are exclusive to BigCommerce, customers can seldom install features and functionality from other platforms. With its drag-and-drop Store Builder tool, BigCommerce offers a variety of free and premium theme options that can be fully modified. Users with programming skills may additionally interact with the theme’s code and style sheets for even more flexibility.

BigCommerce falls short in several aspects, including usability and customizability. BigCommerce stands out most for its intricacy. The platform is incredibly broad and robust because it serves huge corporations and enterprises. It’s actually too sophisticated for the demands of many web firms. Instead of being a platform that you start with, BigCommerce is one you develop into.

  • Cost – 29$-299$ monthly
  • Free trial period – 15 days
  • Our rating – 9/10

Bottom line

You don’t necessarily need plug-ins with an easy-to-use, user-first platform like Shopify.

The website includes everything you need for the initial stages of growing your business by default. Although your platform gains traction and evolves, it will surely benefit from add-on features and personalized modifications as they adapt the website to your specific needs and make it seem more professional and user-oriented. The five plugins covered here are some of the most popular but far from the only ones; you can explore other options listed by Shopify themselves. 

Look Beyond Busyness

Look Beyond Busyness

Live Shopping App Development: Streaming As An Ecommerce Sales Tool

Live Shopping App Development: Streaming As An Ecommerce Sales Tool


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