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5 Thing To Action This Week To Ensure Success And Maximise Revenue Across Digital Platforms In Q4

  1. White-label your TikTok Account

Are your videos not receiving the attention they deserve? Sounds simple, but we have worked out that advertising is 42% more expensive if you are not white-labeled on the platform.

  1. Server Based Conversion Tracking

IOS.14 has had a massive impact on targeting and tracking. Use server-based tracking to maintain your targeting.

  1. Sign up for an SMS Campaign

Contact us. We have preferential rates that can’t be beaten, alongside unrivaled Return On Ad Spend.

  1. Utilize Advertiser Coupons 

Social media companies are always trying to encourage you to run new campaigns. Ensure your agency jumps on these opportunities.

  1. Drive traffic early through Pinterest.

We currently can offer our clients 30% ad credits on spend. 

There’s no doubt Q4 is the real crunch time for brands to really make their money. With competition rising across all platforms during this time, it’s incremental your digital strategy encompasses multiple maximizing revenue streams. 


Despite all brands putting a large amount of weight into Q4 it really is the momentum that is gained throughout the year that leads to the real success. So how have we done it? We’ve shifted our focus away from the more traditional revenue streams such as Facebook and Instagram and heavily tested alternative revenue streams. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that TikTok advertising is one of our top-performing revenue drivers for a lot of our clients. It can be difficult for brands to even become white-labeled to advertise on the platform and gaining that initial visibility is crucial. With competitive CPM and broad, engaged users, TikTok Ads has enabled our client brands to reach an entirely new audience. By testing TikTok ads, in varying formats across the year, we’ve been able to tailor our strategy for Q4 accordingly per brand. For example – brand live streams on TikTok have now become an integral part of our strategy as the revenue to be gained from intrigued and engaged followers within that short 1 hour time period is insurmountable. 

Not only is TikTok now an integral part of many of our client brands’ strategies for Q4 but so is SMS marketing. With no spam filters restricting what can be sent, and an open rate as high as 98%, compared to email at just 20%, SMS marketing is an integral revenue stream for targeting consumers more at the moment. The more conversational tone of a text message, not only adds a personal element to your marketing which leads to higher brand recall, but it also has a 90-second response rate compared to email which is 90 minutes. We’ve had a huge success rate of using SMS marketing with an ROI upwards of 1000%. 


Not only is it paramount to gradually scale across the year leading up to Q4, but it is also paramount to test as much as possible across all platforms prior to the crucial trading quarter. One way that we make this possible for our advertisers is through our agency partnerships. From advertising coupons on Facebook to testing new BETA opportunities on TikTok we make it simpler for our clients to test new ideas without utilizing their existing marketing budget. As a result, we are able to support them in achieving their goals and experimenting across all platforms to find what works best for them and drive the most revenue. That way, we head into Q4 with a concise ‘trialed and tested’ strategy for success. 


In today’s society, and as highlighted by Facebook’s global outage, it’s more important than ever to be present across multiple platforms. Gone are the days where just Facebook and Instagram advertising is enough. To reach your full target market potential it is so important to be present across all platforms to capitalize on every opportunity. As a result, if you’re not currently utilizing TikTok as the main revenue source, or even Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, or sending SMS messages then you’re missing a huge trick. Having a multi-platform approach, not only increases your relevancy and accountability but also allows you to target varying consumers that you would otherwise not have had to access. 


If you’re sitting here reading this thinking, ‘perhaps I do need to shake up my strategy and incorporate other maximizing revenue streams,’ or ‘I’d like to implement brand live streams, TikTok advertising, or SMS marketing into my future strategy’ then why not schedule a call with us today to unlock your full potential and start driving the real success that your business is capable of. 

Special thanks to our friends at Recart for their insights on this topic.
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