5 Unique Examples Of Abandoned Cart Emails


Your customers often abandon their carts without your knowledge. In fact, studies tell us that 69% of online shoppers abandon their carts without entering any payment information into the site. With that said, knowing how to identify and deal with cart abandonment can help you make more money on your website.

Abandoned cart emails are the most common tools to prevent cart abandonment. Thus, it’s getting harder and harder to get to your customers. These emails are already effective, but you still have additional chances to make them more powerful.

We all know how important it is to recover abandoned carts, but not every store does a good job of providing useful information in their abandoned cart emails. Below you will find 5 unique and useful abandoned cart emails you can use as inspiration for your own store:

Offer personalized recommendations

Offer just the right recommendations at the right time. Now, I’m not saying you should offer recommendations in blog posts or on-site content (that would get stale too quickly). But offering recommendations in emails to your customers can be one of the best ways to boost sales. A recent study by TeamBounce showed that email recommendations increased click-through rates by 7.2%. That’s a really significant increase!

Take a look at an email by PetFinder for an example as it is a great example of a personalized email with recommendations. It is aimed to help future dog owners to find a pet that matches their search criteria. In fact, it helps to find homes for rescue dogs more effectively.

This approach works well even for e-commerce stores if you have a wishlist set up on your store. You can send personalized emails to your customers offering them similar products that they added to a wishlist.

Reminder email

It only takes one bad decision after adding a new member to your site to lose their money. Additionally, it can take weeks for lost members to get reclaimed. This is why, especially with loss aversion pricing in place, it’s important to have procedures in place for managing members. The best option is a ‘notification’ system that alerts the member via email when their balance is low. Notifications can be sent via push notifications on the site or SMS on mobile apps.

A reminder email is one of the most useful tools in your shop. When people follow a link in an email or on social media, they expect to get something in return. It could be a product, a discount, or even a free thing. By using reminder emails together with a wishlist app on your store you can decrease cart abandonment rates and improve sales on your store. 

Offer a discount

The majority of your shoppers will abandon their carts because the final price is higher than they expected. When customers consider how much they’ll spend, they frequently sum up the cost of each item in their shopping basket. They don’t always consider taxes or shipping, and when they do, they tend to underestimate the costs.

That’s why pricing is one of the top four reasons consumers quit their shopping carts. And there’s an easy method to win back clients who were turned off by the final price: give them a discount.

Sometimes shoppers need an extra incentive to complete a purchase and offering a discount or a special deal is the best way to encourage them to check out items in their cart. For instance, you can send your shoppers a limited-time deal for the items in their cart. It’s very simple to generate a discount code and place it into the email.  

Urgency email

urgency email example by homage
Source: Really Good Emails

A lot of shoppers don’t check out their cart for various reasons such as payment failure, price is too high, or they decided to cross-check with other websites to find a better deal. However, creating a sense of urgency can encourage your customers to complete a purchase. People are more concerned with what they could be losing out on than with what they can have.

As long as you’re honest, warning potential buyers that they could lose the products they’ve put in their shopping carts is a fantastic approach to use the scarcity effect as a marketing strategy.

You can use the following approaches to create a sense of urgency in your abandoned cart emails:

  • Inform individuals if their product is likely to sell out owing to its popularity. 
  • For a short period, they can reserve their cart (with a countdown) 
  • Make it clear that your item is limited edition and will not be restocked. 
  • Set a notification to display how many other people have the item in their shopping cart.

Be different

rudy's abandoned cart email example
Source: Really Good Emails

Sometimes adding a little spice to your abandoned email can result in more click-through rates and sales. Take a look at Rudy’s abandoned cart email for example. The company decided to go with a very catching and creative heading for the email that grabs customer’s attention. Writing a great copy requires some creativity to receive a better response and cart recoveries. However, you don’t have to be a professional copywriter to create a successful abandoned cart email. Just analyze what kind of email other companies send out for inspiration. 

To make your abandoned cart emails more appealing just think about what your customers can empathize with. For instance, what things people tend to postpone till the last minute and come up with some catchy phrases. 

dot abandoned cart email example
Source: Really Good Emails

Adding some humor to your emails is also an effective approach in email marketing. People get tired of reading basic and templated emails that all look the same. By creating an email that is different and catchy, you shoppers are more likely to return and complete a purchase from your store. 

Final Words

As you can see, abandoned cart emails are very important if you want to recover those lost carts and get your customers to spend their dollars in your store. In fact, it is an essential part of every email marketing strategy. We hope that you found some of these examples inspirational and got some fresh ideas to implement into your strategy.

Let us know in the comments which abandoned cart email was your favorite! We personally loved emails from Rudy’s and Dote. 

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