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5 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates



You’ve spent hours developing the perfect email to send your subscribers, only to achieve an abysmally low open rate. The beautiful formatting and engaging content doesn’t do much to help your Shopify store if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails.


While only 20 percent of all marketing emails make their way to their destination (most get caught up in Spam folders and never reach their target’s inbox), not all hope is lost. According to our research and experience, there are a few ways you can step up your emails in order to reach more inboxes and achieve a much higher open rate.


#1: Introduce Yourself Honestly In Your Welcome Email

Your welcome email is your formal first impression with your shopper. This will set the tone of your future relationship, so you want to get started on the right foot.


In your welcome email, clearly state who you are and what you are trying to bring your shopper. Let them know how often they can expect your emails, and what your emails will contain. When you provide your reader with detailed information about your intentions, they’ll be more receptive to your future emails.


#2: Don’t Cling to Inactive Subscribers

It’s common for Shopify store owners to watch their subscriber count closely, but the number of subscribers you have holds little value in and of itself. You want active subscribers who read your emails and respond positively (with site visits and purchases).


Over time, some individuals may lose interest in your store for a number of reasons, and your emails may eventually serve only to annoy them. Resolve this issue by asking your subscribers if they’d like to stay subscribed every so often. Some may unsubscribe, and while this feels discouraging initially, it can help you more accurately determine which tactics are working for your interested subscribers.


#3: Create Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

An email’s subject line largely determines how likely a subscriber is to open the email. Use creative, funny, or interesting subject lines to capture the attention of your recipient and encourage them to open your email.


#4: Send Your Emails at the Right Time

There are certain times of day when people are more likely to check their email account and read the new additions to their inbox. For example, many people are likely to check their emails in the early morning as they commute to work (in big cities where public transportation is a popular option). They’re also likely to check their emails during lunch and on their way home.


The best way to understand email timing is to run an experiment. Send your emails at different times of the day and monitor which times achieve the highest open rates. Begin to send all of your emails during the blocks of time which attract the most opens.


#5: Don’t Let Your Email Get Caught in Spam

Spam filters are one of the biggest open rate killers. It’s not uncommon for strict spam filters to send your email straight to the junk folder even though its recipient signed up for the content on your website.


Spam filters can be tricky to understand, but there are a number of spam checkers you can use to simplify the process. Use a spam checker to analyze your email for any content which could be considered unwanted by a spam filter, and correct any issues which could direct your email to the wrong folder.


Send your email from a recognized sender to circumvent spam filters as well. Use a friendly name (your own or your business’s) in your “From” line – long URLs or jibberish are very likely to send your email straight to the junk folder.


How do you achieve high open rates for your emails? Let us know in the comments below!


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