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5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy



Instagram burst on to the social media scene back in 2010, and has since grown into one of the most popular image sharing platforms on the web. In fact, Instagram has over 500 million monthly users, making it an excellent marketing tool for small and large businesses alike.


By using the right strategies and featuring the right photos, you can increase your website traffic significantly. Your Instagram marketing strategy should play a major role in improving your conversion rate. We’ve put together 5 Instagram marketing strategies you can use to attract new customers and broaden your audience.



1. Feature Your Instagram Photos Elsewhere on the Web

Millions of people use Instagram daily, but it doesn’t mean all of your customers will immediately think to follow your company on the platform. Instead, they may venture to your blog or store to learn more about your company.


Use your website as an opportunity to show off your Instagram photos. By connecting your Instagram account with your website, you can display your photos to customers who otherwise may not have known you have an Instagram account. Once they see your Instagram gallery on your website, they’ll be more likely to follow you on Instagram, allowing you to connect with them directly through the platform.


This can also be done by featuring your Instagram posts on Twitter or Facebook. Share the same photo with a link to its original location on Instagram, and prompt your followers to check it out. This will also help you connect with your customers across multiple platforms.


2. Re-purpose Photos from Your Marketing Plan

If you’re sharing the same message across multiple social media platforms, there’s no reason to use different images for each. Save time by re-using photos from other parts of your marketing plan on Instagram. For example, if you used a photo on Twitter to promote your newest blog post, don’t be afraid to use the same photo on Instagram.


Alternatively, you can re-use photos from related blog posts. If you curated the perfect photo for a post about the newest tech trends several months ago, use the same photo for a related Instagram post. This will save you time and money, without diminishing your Instagram presence.


3. Attract Your Target Audience

You might think 1 million followers is always better than 100,000 followers, but that’s not always the case. The idea behind Instagram marketing isn’t to get as many followers as possible, but to get engaged, interested followers.


Instagram users are very engaged with the people and companies they follow. You want your Instagram page to amass followers that are interested in your content, especially with the platform’s upcoming algorithm change. Attracting your target audience on Instagram means you’ll need to:

  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Post interesting, high-quality photos.
  • Engage with other users in your niche by following their accounts and commenting/liking their photos


Engaged users who are interested in your content are more likely to pay attention to your posts. Focus on attracting your target audience, and you’ll see higher engagement with your posts as your account grows.


4. Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated Content is fantastic for social media marketing – particularly on Instagram. When you use UGC, you create a special relationship with your customers and followers. They feel more connected with your company when they see their content featured on your page.


There are limitless ways to find quality UGC. Hashtags are a popular strategy many companies use to get UGC on Instagram. Ask your followers to post their content with a related hashtag (a creative hashtag, something you’ve come up with). Then, feature the best content you see with the hashtag.


5. Only Use Effective Photos

If your company sells tech products, pictures of makeup or clothing won’t capture the attention of your target audience. Selfies, pictures of your dog, and unrelated ‘memes’ will also serve as a turnoff for your followers – these types of photos should be reserved for your personal Instagram account, not your business account.


Don’t waste valuable Instagram marketing resources on photos that simply won’t perform. Only create posts that will appeal to your target audience and inspire engagement.


What are your Instagram marketing tips? How has Instagram marketing helped your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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