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5 Ways To Increase Ecommerce Sales With Facebook In 2022


Even with a relatively high engagement rate, Facebook can be a tough channel to drive conversions from. But with the right type of content and a reframing of ROI, you can connect your ecommerce conversions directly to this channel. These five tactics stand to help turn Facebook into a high-converting channel.

Use User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing to Convert Social Fans

Studies show that customer photos and other user-generated content have a positive impact on buyer behavior. Consumers say that content created by past customers is 35% more memorable than other media. On Facebook, this tendency to trust other users’ opinions and content results in more effective ads.

If you haven’t started featuring user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, you should now. UGC can provide social proof to potential customers, making them more likely to purchase products. Additionally, influencer marketing can expose your brand to broader, even unexpected, audiences.

Trupanion facebook

Trupanion features UGC on its Facebook page by using photos customers have posted of their pets online. In this particular example, content was collected from customers for the brand’s 2022 Calendar, but Trupanion was able to continue to utilize and procure additional value from this user-generated content in its Facebook marketing. Featuring UGC on Facebook is a great way to inspire other customers to send in more content. In addition to using UGC in Facebook marketing campaigns, your brand can also employ this content on product pages to increase conversions and drive sales while reducing content costs. 

Do a Product Demo on Facebook Live

The increased popularity of live streaming means you can do product demos live and reach more potential customers. At the same time, you can maintain a no-contact shopping experience and avoid the risks and costs associated with traveling and transporting your products. Facebook Live is a good platform for live product demos as it also allows customers to ask questions that you can answer in real time. 

Live Product Demo

In the example above, xTool M1’s Facebook page hosted a live demo of their flagship product — the first hybrid blade-laser cutting machine in the market. The hosts discussed how easy it is to create designs on a laptop and let the xTool M1 do the rest of the work. The live demo also showed close-ups of the item in action. Finally, the page encouraged users to submit questions which the hosts answered in a Q&A towards the end of the live video.

With over 38,000 views, the xTool M1 live demo raised awareness of the product while addressing customer concerns. The demo also encouraged people to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, raising close to $2 million in pre-orders.

The beauty of video demos is that you can use them again. A great way to continue to create value from your content is to embed it on PDPs or in other on-site displays which are more likely to convert.

Generate Engagement with Facebook Stories Ads

Many articles have discussed Instagram Stories as a viable method for promoting site content and products on Instagram. However, Facebook Stories ads are just as powerful a sales medium as its Instagram counterpart. 

As of 2021, over 300 million users browse through Facebook Stories daily. And, 62% of customers have become more interested in brands and products after seeing them featured in stories. Stories appear on the top of your audience’s Facebook feed, which means they are the first things people see whenever they open the app or website. In addition, you can cross-post Instagram stories to Facebook, expanding your brand’s reach. Facebook Stories ads allow your brand to reach new audiences that do not already follow your page because stories will appear at the top of their Facebook feed in the form of a sponsored post. Utilizing Facebook Stories ads will help drive sales as more consumers are making online purchases from viewing stories. 34% of consumers stated that they actively sought out a product after viewing it in stories. Furthermore, your brand will be able to measure KPIs such as reach, conversion, traffic, and more from Facebook Stories ads.  

Facebook Stories Ads

Because Facebook Stories last just 24 hours, they are a good channel for promoting limited-time offers. In the example above, Sun & Ski Sports promotes its 12 Days of Christmas giveaway with a link to enter the contest and to take you to the brand’s official website. Additionally, with the reply feature, customers are able to send questions to the brand’s Facebook page.

Use Facebook Retargeting to Pull Customers Back to Your Brand

Facebook retargeting allows you to identify people who are interested in your brand, re-engage them on Facebook, and display ads that will remind them of what they’re missing out on.

You can specify specific audiences to retarget and create customized ads just for them. Additionally, you can utilize UGC in retargeting ads to create a personalized ad experience for customers to more effectively re-engage them with your brand. This process will pull your customers back and drive more sales in the future.

In addition to Facebook ads displayed right after a user action, you can also use sponsored content to get in touch with users who might have forgotten about your brand. , You can even customize your campaign to identify users who are most likely to make a purchase and maximize your conversions.

Search the Facebook Ad Library for a Quick Dose of Inspiration

Creating original content for your brand’s Facebook page can be a long and frustrating process. Not only is it hard to think of new concepts all the time, but it’s also nearly impossible to guarantee that your ads will yield the engagement or sales results you want. Thankfully, you can take a look at what your competitors are doing using the Facebook Ad Library.

The Ad Library compiles all the ad campaigns that are currently active. You can search for campaigns using location, ad category, content type, and keywords. For example, searching the Ad Library for videos related to “athletic clothing” will give you the following result: 

facebook ad library

You can use the insights you gain from this activity to figure out the type of content that will work with your niche and audience. 

Driving direct conversions from Facebook shouldn’t be the only measure of success for the channel. Facebook can be a great channel for discovering user-generated content – which can be seeded across other channels to boost conversions. By measuring ROI through the value of this content, it’s easy to attribute direct sales to the content your audience is sharing with you on Facebook. By growing your engaged community and investing in user-generated content, you can increase sales attributed to Facebook marketing.

Special thanks to our friends at Pixlee for their insights on this topic.
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