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6 Strategies for Cultivating Lasting Customer Relationships

6 Strategies for Cultivating Customer Relationships.

From what was once a linear path from discovery to purchase, shoppers now jump between channels and devices, often switiching back and forth many times befor actually buying.

Instead of focusing on moving customers along a clear path to purchase, today’s most successful brands are driving self-perpetuating growth through next-level customer experiences. This new growth model involves three key phases:

Collecting data, feedback, and other types of influential content
Curating your content intelligently across channels and at key customer touchpoints
Cultivating relationships with your customers to build a strong and loyal brand community

In this post, we’ll cover the third phase, outlining six ways your brand can drive meaningful interactions with customers to ensure they’ll stay by your side in the long run.
1. Make shoppers feel like VIPs
The same loyalty program you’ve implemented to drive retention and CLTV can be used to foster a sense of community among your cus …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

The Ecommerce Brands To Copy For SMS, Email, Social And Site Design (That We Stole From Nik Sharma)

The Ecommerce Brands To Copy For SMS, Email, Social And Site Design (That We Stole From Nik Sharma)

Influencers and Instagram Takeovers
An influencer is capturing a photo for an Instagram takeover on her phone.

Influencers and Instagram Takeovers

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