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6 Strategies for Reactivating One-Time Essentials Shoppers


On March 17, we conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers, asking them how their buying habits had changed since the outbreak of COVID-19.

When asked which product categories they were most focused on, 78.8% named Food & Beverage. Moreover, 40.55% said they would turn to less familiar brands if their preferred brands were out of stock.

For brands in the Food & Beverage industry, this represents an unprecedented chance to introduce potential new customers to your products. With the right combination of diverse outreach, offering value where it’s needed most, and, above all, sensitivity and empathy during this stressful time, you may be able to not only acquire new shoppers, but also to turn them into loyal, repeat customers.

Here are six strategies your brand can leverage to build long-term customer relationships:
1) Meet your customers where they are
According to our survey, consumers are paying more attention to email, SMS, social ads, and more during this time (35.65 …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

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