6 Tips On Promoting Your Shopify Ecommerce Business

6 ways to promote your Shopify ecommerce business.

With the ever-changing times, everything on the web has evolved so much. But with increasing competitors in the market, everyone wants to make a mark and grow their Shopify brand. To make your presence felt and to drive traffic to your online store you need to employ some strategies I'll share in this post today.

The perks of building an online presence are that you’ll get a first-hand knowledge of customer interest, what gains most of their attention and how they feel about your service. We are here with six tips that would prove to be a life saver in helping you promote your e-commerce website. By using some of these ecommerce marketing strategies such as social media and search engine optimization, your online store can build brand awareness, drive some extra sales, and grow in among the other competitive industries. Discover with us why ecommerce digital marketing is so critical for your online businesses through some real-life examples.

Optimise Your site for SEO

Search engine optimization is the measure undertaken to optimise web pages and their content so that it is easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website. Optimising your site for SEO is often about making small alterations to parts of your website. 


Always try and put yourself into the user's perspective — what is your target audience looking for, and what is their view on your products? Your aim should be to take a note of their reviews and valuable suggestions to make the required alterations.

In all of this your on-page content will play a very important role. That would be the one place your possible consumer will lurk around for information. So all the product titles and descriptions, images, blogs or any other content you might have on your website would come under on-page content. Make it a point to naturally add keywords and content that your consumer might use when searching for a related product. 

Be mindful when adding title tags, because the search engine will use them to figure out what each page is actually about. Yet another important aspect to take note of is the meta description, the short summaries that pop up on the search engine results page. Once a user lands on a search result the first thing that they see will be the title tag and the meta description, so you don’t want to go wrong with it!

Boost your organic social presence

Once you have stepped into the arena of online business, you’ll want to grab every opportunity to boost your digital engagement with your prospective consumers. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to keep your audience engaged on your social media channels is to make sure they’re stocked with vibrant and engaging content. You could achieve this by using unqualified and unique images, videos, etc.

We love the way PortraitFlip uses their Instagram channel to showcase these gorgeous images of their product. They are making an effort to directly connect with their audience by directly giving them an overview of their product through their images. 

Once you have a solid presence on your social media channels and a good set of trusted viewers then all you ought to do is keep building it better. Boosting the engagement with your existing followers will improve the chance for brand awareness with their followers. 

Create interesting, useful, and original content

Your content will be the King that has the capability to sweep your possible buyers off their feet. Thus creating great content that is interesting, useful and original is the best way to bring traffic to your website. If your website is planning to make a mark with an authoritative voice, then providing helpful information that is relevant to your consumer will do it for you!

Your content should not just be relevant for the present day but it should surpass timeless and be evergreen. The content you put out there on your social media platforms are there to stay, so if a consumer is reading it after months they should still feel the need to turn towards your product. So when you are creating content for the website it has to be words with a good lifespan, something that does not have a possible expiration date.

These posts also need to be engaging and original. If you want to convey that your product is unique and one of a kind then your content needs to translate the same. Originality of your content is very important for consumers to understand that you are offering something others are not. 

The bottom line is this: Publish content that you would like to read as a consumer. Something that is educational, interesting, and carries humour at the same time.

Email Marketing

May it be any business, small or big it’s very crucial to have a strong email marketing strategy. Pan out a list of email addresses from all your existing customers, prospective customers, people interested in your product and services, and people whom you think might be a possible consumer. With any new launches, or discounts you will be able to roll out emails to all of these people letting them know that it’s the best deal they can ever have. 

With email marketing you also develop brand trust, by offering a promotion or even a referral discount, encouraging customers to believe in your brand. This would promote your website within a larger audience. Consistency is the key, there has to be a steady flow of communication when you are engaging with email marketing. 

Make It User Friendly 

The more user-friendly your website is, the more reach you will attain with customers. When designing your website keep in mind that a user needs to find it easy to move around and understand what you have got to offer them through your website. They need to get the feeling that the website was made keeping them in mind, trust me they will definitely come back every time they have a need you could resolve. 

By building a proper user interface, you could easily increase the word of mouth marketing for your website. Most consumers lean towards a website that is visually appealing and has a natural flow for navigation and their content is easy to read and understand. Hence if you wish to boost the impact of your marketing techniques a user friendly website will be the perfect way.

Google Ads Should Be Your Go To

Using Google Ads as a tool to promote your website can work wonders if you are a newbie in the world of web. To show up first in the search engine result page google ads give you an opportunity to bid on keywords. Everyone aims for the most coveted “top spot” on that search engine but google ads always pop up first. So if your website is going unnoticed then this is your way out!

If you are looking for an effective way in driving new traffic through advertisements then always opt for the safest bet with search engine marketing.

To Conclude: An E-commerce success story

U.S. based website PortraitFlip was making a strong impression on customers with their handmade paintings from photos. But when the COVID pandemic turned in and shut major business across the globe, they needed to breathe new life into their online marketing.

Sunny Choudhary, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PortraitFlip shares what worked for them after upgrading their ecommerce platform.

“We constantly strived to provide what our consumers wanted. Our 24/7 customer service enabled us to efficiently track down their reviews and concerns. They honestly put down what they were expecting and we always tried to match up to their expectations. Afterall a service provider has to always work towards creating an online presence where the customer is willing to invest his valuable time”

PortraitFlip was an e-commerce website that did not just stop with a photo but treasured them for their customers with handmade portraits in the medium of their choice. Promoting their website provided them the opportunity to reach a larger audience outside the geography, through social media, email lists and more online presence. So like PortraitFlip you too can uplevel your online presence to become an important retail channel by these little steps of strategically promoting your website.

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