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6 Up-&-Coming Travel Influencers To Inspire Your Audience’s Next Adventure

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After a long year of staying at home, 2021 is looking to be a little more exciting. People everywhere are itching to visit new places as travel restrictions loosen up around the world — and who will they seek advice from? Travel influencers.

Work with these 6 up-and-coming travel-focused creators for your next campaign to inspire your audience’s next adventure with you. And if you want to see more detailed stats for these influencers and 6,000,000 more just like them, book an AspireIQ demo here

@thatcouplewhotravels – 20.2k followers


Just like in the movies, LJ and MJ were both solo travelers when they met on a plane flying to Kenya. Since then, they haven’t stopped exploring the world together — from the Ancient Pyramids of Giza to the beautiful islands of Greece. The newlyweds document their adventures on their Instagram and blog, where they provide travel tips, destination details, date ideas, and much more. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: hospitality brands, transportation companies, and travel accessories
  • Past partnerships: Four Seasons Seattle, Destination Cleveland, and more
  • Audience location: New York, Atlanta, and Houston 

@tavernatravels – 63k followers


Taylor is a NYC-based solo traveler and entrepreneur who explores everywhere from the world’s largest cities to the great outdoors. Her Instagram and blog content are not only beautiful, but also very helpful for travelers with a wide range of budgets. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: travel accessories, transportation companies, food brands, and restaurants
  • Past partnerships: Megabus, eBags, Mophie, and more
  • Audience location: New York, London, and Cairo 

@lostwithjess – 15.2k followers

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Jessie began her nomadic journey when she quit her full-time job and moved abroad to Thailand. Since then, she has explored her way through Australia, Southeast Asia, and more — all of which she has documented on her blog. Now, Jessie is dedicated to becoming a more sustainable and conscious traveler, especially as an ambassador of Sunstable Travel International.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: sustainable brands, travel accessories, and clean beauty brands
  • Past partnerships: Destination Cleveland, Bioclarity, COOLA, and more
  • Audience location: New York, London, and Los Angeles

@hey_ciara – 84.8k followers

hey ciara

Ciara is a solo traveler from Houston, who is passionate about living an adventurous life and helping others to do the same. Since becoming a full-time travel content creator, Ciara has ventured through both local gems like Georgetown, Texas, as well as famous sites like Paris and Cancun. Her blog details her tips for solo trips, her experience as a Black traveler, and much more.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: transportation companies, resorts and hotel brands, and travel apps
  • Past partnerships: Southwest Airlines, Affirm, Visit Milwaukee, and more
  • Audience location: New York, Houston, and London

@fashiontravelrepeat – 89.9k followers


Splitting her time between New York City and Scottsdale, Vicki is an attorney-turned-explorer who shares her luxury and boutique travel experiences. In addition to her colorful and eye-catching Instagram content, Vicki provides travel guides, Instagram photography tips, and more on her blog

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: luxury hotels, cameras and travel apps, and women’s fashion brands
  • Past partnerships: ADT Security, Thredup, TextNow, and more
  • Audience location: New York, Tbilisi, and Houston

@dannytrz – 52.6k followers


Danny is a talented travel photographer and videographer from Houston, Texas. From the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains in Switzerland, his Instagram and YouTube content feature some of nature’s most breathtaking sights, which he often explores with his dog. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: cameras and travel equipment, outdoor brands, and pet brands
  • Past partnerships: Merrell, OARS + ALPS, Canidae Pet Food, and more
  • Audience location: Houston, Mexico City, and New York

Interested in seeing detailed stats for these influencers and 6,000,000 more just like them? Book an AspireIQ demo here.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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