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6 Ways To Power Your SMS Marketing Program With Analytics


In order for any SMS program to reach its full potential, brands must first understand how the channel is performing — you need readily available data and insights that tell a story, enabling you to define your successes as well as your setbacks, so that you can forge more meaningful connections with customers to increase CLTV and maximize revenue.

Ask yourself, which collection tool is driving the most subscribers for my channel? How much revenue is coming exclusively from my abandoned cart flows? How much engagement did I get on the first text message, compared to the second? If you don’t have the insights to answer these types of questions, your brand might be missing out on key growth opportunities for your SMS channel.

Yotpo SMS offers the most advanced text message analytics available — including a brand new dashboard with flexible, dynamic report generation, subscriber collection insights, and fully configurable attribution and UTM settings — to keep you informed a …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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