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6 Ways To Solve IOS 15 Challenges With SMS


We are moving toward an opt-in world, where consumers are in control and their privacy is always put first. With the upcoming iOS 15 release just moments away, Apple takes another step in the direction of this new reality with Mail App Protection.

What does Mail App Protection do? It gives all users of the iPhone’s Mail app the ability to activate advanced privacy features (like “Hide My Email”), while preventing marketers from using invisible pixels to collect information about user behavior. Consumers who activate Mail App Protection will be more anonymous than ever, which presents new challenges for marketers, specifically in regard to one of the primary revenue drivers for brands: email.

Marketers can say goodbye to:

Trustworthy open rates —  With iOS 15, Apple stops senders from knowing when a user opens an email, making it difficult for brands to track open rates correctly.
Effective geotargeting — iOS 15 will mask the IP address of users, preventing bran …

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