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7 Benefits of Creating and Sending Sponsored Messages using Octane AI


If you’ve used the Octane AI suite before for any Facebook Messenger or SMS automation, then you’re familiar with the ability to set up Sponsored Messages. Sponsored messages are known to have a good ROI for businesses—any positive ROI is a benefit, right? 

Although sponsored messages are a feature that can be set up directly in Facebook Ads Manager, there’s a reason it’s included as part of Octane AI’s features. You may not have considered the benefits of setting up sponsored messages within Octane AI before, but that’s what we’re here for. Sponsored messages are a powerful tool for ecommerce brands, but when paired with the rest of Octane AI’s features you can amplify your revenue and engagement. Let’s learn how! 

1. Build custom convos that engage beyond a single-click response

With Sponsored Messages, it’s common to include a CTA or button for users to click. With Octane AI, you can offer more than just a linkyou can launch an entire conversation. 

Regular Facebook sponsored ads can’t launch a full conversation with its targeted users without custom code. However, when you set up sponsored messages in Octane AI, you can customize the first CTA and trigger a full conversation with the user, featuring programmed buttons and replies, images, videos, and more. Octane AI allows you to create complex conversations that feel real to every user. Take Ella + Mila’s sponsored message about nail biting, for example.

Ella + Mila Sponsored Message exmaple

Why is this important?

When the conversation is more personal and engaging, you’re more likely to drive a user to click the link or make a purchase. This is why setting up Sponsored Messages in Octane AI is so important: the ability to build out Sponsored Messages with custom conversations is a great feature to increase engagement and drive more revenue from your paid messages.

Want to learn more about how you can amplify Sponsored Messages with Octane AI's custom convos feature? Book a demo to learn more!

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2. Create conversations without needing to custom code anything

The ability to set up Messenger automation without coding is an asset to any marketer or ecommerce business. If you wanted to set up the same type of automation that Octane AI offers in Facebook Ads Manager, you would have to custom code the conversation in the script editor to include the same programmed buttons and replies that are easily built in the Octane AI backend. 

Ad set up no code

Why is this important?

Octane AI is a code-free solution to those who prefer to have a visual representation. This will also help you save time on creating the perfect sponsored ad that will engage audiences and drive traffic to your site, while also incorporating the rest of Octane AI’s features to continue increasing revenue. No script editor needed with this solution!

3. Increase your opt-ins by collecting both emails and phone numbers 

Collecting opt-ins through sponsored messages set up in Octane AI’s backend have never been easier. With custom responses, you can ask users for an email address or phone number. As a response, a button will automatically pop up with the field filled out with that user’s specific email or phone number already set up. This is so customers can easily opt-in by just pressing a single button.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5)

The opt-in button with the field filled out is a feature created through Octane AI specifically. The benefits of the pre-filled, automatic opt-in fields are so you can sync the opt-ins with the rest of your tech stack. For example, SMS opt-ins will automatically sync to Octane AI’s SMS features, and email opt-ins will automatically sync to Klaviyo. 

Why is this important?

Opt-ins are important for you to continue messaging leads and turning them into customers. These opt-ins from Sponsored Messages built with Octane AI will allow you to easily sync with your regular marketing channels to make nurturing leads easy for your business. 

 At Octane AI, we've seen some brands majorly increase their revenue using some of these strategies. Check out our recent case study to learn more!

Download The Full Strategy

4. Make customized lists to optimize your retargeting strategies

Many ecommerce stores use Octane AI’s custom conversations like a quiz to collect key data about their target customer base. Depending on what the brand is and what they sell, businesses use custom convos to ask questions such as what your favorite flavor is, what genre of music you prefer, what your skin type is, and more. When a user answers these questions in a custom convo, you're saving that data in Octane AI.

By setting up Sponsored Messages using Octane AI, you also have access to the next step of the buyer journey flow with browse abandonment and cart abandonment tools. The data and metrics you collect give you the power to use what you’ve learned about customers for win-back campaigns that are more accurate to the customer’s wants or preferences. As an example, check out how Beast, a men's grooming and personal care brand, uses a list to send a win back Sponsored Message for customers who haven't purchased in the past month:

Beast win back messenger example

Why is this important?

Collecting these key insights will help you reduce churn. By offering personalized messaging to every individual based on the info you’ve been able to collect, you’ll ensure you're following up with customers on every marketing channel in a way that’s meaningful to them. This will help turn these users into brand advocates that are ready to shop at your store again and again. 

5. Integrate your collected information with your Klaviyo account

Like we said previously, creating sponsored messages through Octane AI allows you to collect emails and phone numbers. These email addresses can easily be synced to your business’ Klaviyo account for remarketing. However, you can also further your audience targeting for Sponsored Messages by using custom audiences and lists directly from your Klaviyo account as well. 

Once you sync your Klaviyo account with Facebook Ads, you can start creating Facebook custom audiences within Klaviyo. When the data from Klaviyo is shared with Octane AI, you’ll be empowered to target messages based on specific email addresses and toward customers with collected insights. The ability to organize lists will help you shape your targeting in a way that’s difficult to do in just Facebook Ads Manager alone.

For example, check out this sponsored repurchase message from Bariatric Fusion that was set up using a list from Klaviyo. This message sends after 30, 60, or 90 days since the customer last purchased. As a nutraceutical company specializing in nutritional supplements, this kind of Sponsored Message works well to remind customers that they may be running out and need to restock. 

Bariatric Fusion Sponsored Message Example

Why is this important?

Mastering audience targeting with demographics that will allow you to send specific and customized messages will optimize the experience for users receiving the message. With specific targeting strategies using data synced from Klaviyo, you’ll ensure a better response from users and increase the ROI from the paid Sponsored Messages you send.

6. Keep maintenance minimal with Octane AI’s Shopify Integration

Facebook Ads Manager is not integrated with Shopify. That means your Shopify product catalog will not automatically sync with your Sponsored Messages. With Octane AI, catalog syncing is automatically set up because of its integration with Shopify. That means you can add products from your store with images, titles, and an add-to-cart button. When a user clicks the button, it will take them to the checkout page. By collecting an opt-in this way, you can easily follow up with cart abandonment messages. We love how Polysleep integrates and shares products from their catalog based on user responses.

Frame 10

Also, if you decide to change the name, product price, or image of a product from your catalog, it won’t automatically sync if you've programmed your Sponsored Message through Facebook Ads Manager. But, if the Sponsored Message is set up using Octane AI, all products will automatically update if you make a change. 

Why is this important?

The main bonus here is ensuring there is minimal maintenance on the store owner’s end by offering a simplified way to set up Sponsored Messages that you can trust will automatically update and sync products as you need.

7. Amplify your revenue by pairing sponsored messages with the rest of Octane AI’s features

Octane AI offers a full suite of tools for you to optimize your sponsored messages. With cart abandonment, browse abandonment, SMS marketing, customer care, and more, you’ll be able to complement your Sponsored Messages with a well-rounded experience that will make your business stand out. For example, with Kala Brand Music, customers can choose to go to a menu at any time to ask specific product questions. This can easily be done after sending a Sponsored Message to help customers become aware of your products as their solution. 

Frame 9

The customer care features are specially important. For example, with Octane AI, you can pre-set automatic responses for customer inquiries. If you send a sponsored message and the user responds with, “Where are you located?” or “What’s your shipping policy?”, your chatbot can automatically respond to these recognized questions and answer users right away.  

Why is this important?

With Octane AI’s full suite, you’re offering ways for customers to continue interacting with your chatbot. So, even if they decide not to click the link in the Sponsored Message, there are more opportunities for your business to engage with these users. Keep your brand front-and-center in a customer’s mind by complementing your Sponsored Messages with tools that matter.

Ready to see how you can amplify your Sponsored Messages using Octane AI? Book a demo with us to find out!

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This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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