7 Best Inventory Management Software Solutions To Boost Your Jewelry Business

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Efficient and effective jewelry management is important. Understanding when and how to refill your jewelry stock and when to acquire new materials for your creations is essential to keeping your holding costs down and growing your company. 

Loss of income from unrealized sales goals due to insufficient stock levels or oversupply that results in obsolete inventory is an obvious consequence of improper or careless inventory management.

Neglectful stock control has several expenses, some concealed (or lacking). With efficient stock administration, you may prevent these expenditures. 

This article will discuss the Best Inventory Management Softwares to Boost Your Jewelry Business and the tactics you can use to maintain a strong value chain. Without further ado, let's begin!

Jewelry Inventory Management Software: What Exactly Is It?

The ratio of jewelry shop companies in the U.S. declined 2.3% from 2016 to 2021 and was down 1.3% from 2020 to 2021. We recommend using jewelry inventory management software to ensure the same doesn't happen to your business. 

Software designed for the jewelry industry includes inventory management and point-of-sale (POS) integration. There can be various considering factors in a Jewelry inventory management system to record the number and value of finished and unfinished items, stones, metals, and other raw materials. 

Keep an eye on your inventory to avoid losing money due to missing or stolen products, primarily if you sell expensive or little pieces of jewelry. 

The software will record a client's transaction history and the timings of any significant achievements. To better target your audience, you may now send marketing materials tailored to each individual's interests and anticipated life events. 

The Significance of POS Systems in Jewelry Stores

According to research, from 2017 to 2018, digital jewelry purchases climbed by more than 14%. Vouchers, bank cards, and EMV chip-enabled tokens may all be used to make purchases at the point of sale terminal. In addition, the system allows you to manage swaps and refunds. Store credit or cash may be given in exchange for returned jewelry.

The Jewelry POS System will track your clients' purchases and credit histories. In addition to contact information, essential dates may also be added to the customer's profile. 

The system will periodically deliver marketing offers or documents to consumers during special days, anniversaries, and other significant events to boost revenue. Additionally, POS software may be used with iPads and other portable devices. 

Using this method, salespeople may wander throughout the showroom bringing up items and demonstrating several options for those products. While attending conventions or other events, you will have access to product portfolios online.

For those who are about to start a jewelry-making business, make sure you read all the information precisely here.

7 Inventory Management Softwares That Will Efficiently Manage Your Jewelry Inventories


Jewelry retailers and wholesalers may benefit from the business growth and technological tools Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) offers. 

The ARMS repair tracker is a tool that monitors the progress of objects as they are repaired and calculates their ROI. Businesses may increase their revenue throughout the holiday shopping season by using the layaway system. 

The system relies on a locally installed copy of Microsoft SQL Server. The program provides on-demand services for retail bookkeeping, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory control, and point of sale (POS).


When it comes to keeping tabs on stock, JCS is an excellent option. Sign up for the service and start listing products. The inventory may be sorted into any categories you need. 

Special orders and maintenance may be put up, and he can keep tabs on how well they're selling. Accounting and sales journal entries may be generated using the software. 

Employees might be given specific consumer requests to complete. Using a customer relationship management tool is beneficial for establishing rapport with potential and existing clients. 

Organize your work processes with the help of the time clock widget. The company provides sales force management software for mobile devices.

Diaspark Retail 

A ready-to-use tool for jewellers that may run a single shop or an entire chain, available both in the cloud and on-premises. Diaspark Retail is an all-inclusive and unified system for jewelry stores. 

Everything from point-of-sale processing to customer information management to financial reporting may be handled automatically. This is especially useful for jewellers who deal in high volumes. 

Those in the jewelry business searching for a user-friendly, informative, and powerful software solution can go no farther than Diaspark Retail.

Cashier Live

CashierLive is an adaptable system for managing your company. This POS software allows you to swiftly ring up sales, keep tabs on stock levels, and examine detailed reports. 

The system incorporates a credit card processing module, allowing for the acceptance of various payment types. You can manage your stock by placing orders, adding, and updating goods with a button. 

Many commonplace POS hardware pieces, including cash machines and document printing, are compatible with your setup. 

Retailers may expand their operations and keep everything under control from a central hub. It provides apps for iOS devices that allow businesses to function remotely. Learn about your progress in real time with the help of dashboards and reports.


Smartwerks is an ingenious application that can improve all aspects of your company. Client information may be obtained quickly, allowing for accelerated product sales. 

It aids in making optimal product purchases that boost revenue and profitability. You can win over the ones you already have and get more to try you out. A user's transaction information and buying habits may be stored there.

Valigara Online Jewelry Manager 

When it comes to jewelry and gemstones, Valigara is the premier Multi-Channel promotional tool. – Advertise diamond and jewelry sales on websites like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and others. 

You can join forces with social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and more Put up an online store with ease by using popular platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and much more.


JewelMate gives our customers the upper hand. This software lets you build and tweak your company from the comfort of your home office. 

The system has several features that will simplify and expedite your work, such as generating personalized receipts, job folders, barcode labels, and evaluations. Images and data from your stock may be used to generate print catalogs that you can provide to customers.

Important Elements to Consider When Looking for a Jewelry Inventory Management Software

  • Data Security 

This capability is a key differentiator between an ERP implementation in-house and one in the cloud. Unlike on-premises deployments, cloud systems may encrypt data at a more advanced level. You may put less emphasis on data protection and more on running your company.

  • On-Demand Jewelry Accessibility 

Being ahead of the competition in the jewelry industry requires precise and timely projections. The software you use should provide real-time drill-down reporting based on several parameters.

  • Complete Automated Workflow 

Making jewelry requires a lot of people working together. It's not possible to afford to squander time on routine tasks. Your chosen ERP system should fully automate the entire jewelry manufacturing process. Additionally, it should provide you with constant access to all your crucial company information.

[BONUS SECTION]: How Will a Systematic Jewelry Inventory Management Software Improve Your Business?

Unsold inventory, or dead stock, is a product that has outlived its selling potential. In the jewelry business, dead stocks may include items that are no longer in demand due to their out-of-season or unfashionably. 

When something stops being useful in the marketplace, its worth naturally drops. A healthy cash flow is almost certainly the result of carefully managing inventory. Jewelry shops should check that their inventory management software has the following characteristics:

  • Whenever there is a shift in the market, the inventory software must be updated accordingly. This gives the shop the flexibility to change pricing on items as required.
  • The ideal system would also maintain and update a comprehensive record of all modifications, upgrades, and fixes. Based on new data, these files would be regularly updated.
  • The ideal software for a jewelry business will allow for detailed and flexible jewelry classification. The thing you're looking for may then be tracked down and searched based on its precise attributes.
  • Each customer should have their family tree and important dates stored in the program.
  • Whenever a sale is made, the corresponding amount of stock must be deducted automatically. It is much easier to find the right piece of inventory if there is a picture of it in the system.
  • You would be able to build a strong jewelry brand with the help of the software. Learn about how to leverage influencer marketing to build a 7-figure jewelry brand.

FAQs on Jewelry Inventory Management Software

  • How to Use Jewelry Inventory Management Software Effectively?

Having jewelry shop management software is a need for every jewelry store. It makes managing a jewelry shop easier and more efficient via automation. It's hardly a panacea, however. As was discussed, there are a few crucial factors to consider when purchasing jewelry business management software.

  • Is Buying a Jewelry Inventory Management Software Worth It?

The jewelry industry is one of a kind due to the high cost and personal significance of the items sold there. Investing in jewelry shop management software is a good idea since it may reduce mistakes and boost revenue. 

  • Is Jewelry Inventory Management Software Easy to Use?

You don't have to be an expert in jewelry shop management software. It's accessible to newcomers, too. It may not take much time to learn how to utilize it, yet it might significantly impact your shop.

Get Started with Managing Your Jewelry Inventories in the Best Way Possible!

In general, many other companies that deal in selling and buying things, not only jewelry shops, may benefit from using these apps.

These programs allow several repair businesses to handle their customer support from a unified interface using a centralized location. These programs deliver real-time data on sales and purchases and information regarding customers and the firm's expansion.

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