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7 Things We Learned During Our First Virtual Hackathon

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At the beginning of May, Yotpo tried something a little different. We hosted our first ever virtual hackathon, challenging our marketing team to create six marketing campaigns in just four days, all while working remotely.

Transforming what is usually an office-based event into one spread across continents and timezones presented us with more than a few logistical challenges. What would the schedule look like? How could we keep things fun and engaging? But despite the hurdles, our inaugural work-from-home Markathon turned out to be a tremendous success.

More than 50 team members took part, each of them working from their homes in London, New York, Sofia, and Tel Aviv. The goal was to impress the judges with an innovative new demand-generating campaign and assets, to develop an even deeper understanding of Yotpo's products, and to improve our collaboration skills under challenging conditions.

Along the way, we discovered a lot about what works and a little about what doesn't. H …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

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