7 Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media

I remember when I started my first Instagram account. When I first found Instagram, some of my friends already had hundreds or thousands of followers – heck, one had over 50,000!

I stared at their profiles in awe, wondering how anyone could amass such a community on social media.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a similar moment. You’ve found a page on social media, maybe one of your competitor’s pages, and you can’t believe how many followers it has.

Although it might seem like main social media pages use magic or luck to obtain their following, there are reliable tactics you can apply to replicate their success. You’ll learn numerous social media strategies to help you reach new audiences, attract more followers, and convert more page visitors into loyal customers.

Let’s dive in.

Why Do I Want Social Media Followers?

First, let’s discuss why you want plenty of social media followers.

The reason is simple: followers create social proof.

When you shop online, are you more likely to purchase a product with 100 positive reviews or a similar outcome with no reviews? Will you pay more for a product with dozens of studies, hoping it will perform better than its competition?

You’re probably inclined to choose the more expensive, more commonly reviewed item.


Because it seems like the right thing to do.

Other people bought the product and said it worked for them. If other people say so, it must be a functional, valuable product.

At least, that’s how human psychology works. And it’s why social proof is valuable to your business.

Shoppers are more likely to trust your brand when you have social proof. They know other people trust you and like what you say, so they hop on the bandwagon.

Reviews are only one kind of social proof. The followers you amass on social media are another valuable source of social proof. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account with more followers have more reach and generally have higher conversion rates.

Your goal is to replicate their social proof for your own business to earn credibility from shoppers.

How Do I Get More Social Media Followers?

Now, to the important part: How do you get more followers on social media?

There’s no one answer to this question. Getting social media followers means using several tactics to perfect your strategy. Following the right tips can skyrocket your social media presence and reach a larger audience.

1. Share During Key Times

There’s an optimal time to post each day. Generally, this falls between 3 PM and 1 AM but can vary by platform.

Pro Tip: You can create a Google Analytics custom report to analyze data from your followers and find the best times of day to share your content.

2. Share Regularly & Often

You won’t earn many followers if you post rarely or sporadically. Create a posting schedule and stick to it to attract the most visitors.

Pro Tip: Use automated software like Buffer to schedule your posts ahead of time. The software will post on your behalf, so you’ll never have to worry about breaking your schedule.

3. Be an Informer

All too often, we get caught up talking about ourselves.

Don’t believe it? Run a little experiment with yourself. Next time you have a conversation, count how many times you use the words “I,” “Me,” or “My.”

Yeah, now you get it.

Readers don’t want to hear about you. They want to hear about what’s in it for them.

They want to be informed.

Next time you share a post, do it from your reader’s perspective. Pinpoint how the post helps them and share it as such.

For example, instead of saying, “We’ve put together this guide for our readers,” say, “Here it is your social media management guide.” You might be surprised at how much engagement your posts get.

4. Stay Positive

Negativity doesn’t sell – end of the story.

Whether you’re a stand-up comedian or an online marketer, negativity towards your product or audience will hurt your cause. Nobody wants to be brought down.

Positivity attracts people, both in-person and online. Be optimistic with your posts. Share positive information your readers want to hear to gain more followers and keep your current ones around – negativity on social media is a great way to push people away.

Pro Tip: Social media users are more likely to share positive posts than negative ones. To achieve a higher engagement rate, creates posts that invoke a feeling of curiosity or amazement in your reader. They’ll enjoy the feeling they get from your article and feel the need to share it with friends.

5. Be Human & Interact

Your dream Twitter account might be littered with verified users and power tweeters, but over 90% of your audience has 500 followers or less.

When someone mentions you, they’re probably looking forward to a reply. You might have 10,000 followers, but if they only have 25, your response will mean a lot.

This is a great way to create followers. Engage with everyone, and watch as you turn normal Twitter users into avid fans of your brand.

6. Use Twitter Cards

According to BuzzSumo, Twitter cards lead to 3x more interactions than regular tweets.

If you aren’t using them, you’re missing out on crazy reach potential.

Use Twitter cards to promote blog posts and promotions. When you use them to share important information, you’ll have a higher chance of directing individuals to your content.

Pro Tip: Twitter cards are embedded into the code of your page. Access them by starting an ad campaign but not finishing the process. You’ll get access to your cards without paying for the ad itself.

7. Use Images on Facebook for More Engagement

Facebook posts with images get twice as many engagements as those without. Each of your Facebook updates should feature a high-quality, relevant image to attract your followers’ attention.

Images are also important on Twitter. Much like Facebook, tweets with images are retweeted twice as often as those without.

Pro Tip: Upload videos to reach more people and get more shares. Videos get more reach than any other kind of post and are an excellent addition to your social media pages.

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