8 Proven Strategies To Launch And Supercharge Your Shopify Store For Maximum Success

In the past few years, many store owners had to switch to digital platforms earlier than expected. This has led to an increase in the number of businesses that are only accessible online.

Many retailers use Shopify as their platform for selling goods. Here are eight tips to make your Shopify store stand out.

Shopify is used by more than 1.7 million online businesses worldwide, and for a good reason. They give sellers a way to set up their store quickly so they can start selling their goods. But because it’s easy, there’s more competition.

Since selling online is easy, it’s hard to stand out. It’s hard to get customers’ attention with all the noise around. There are, luckily, some ways to do that, and we’ll talk about them here.

Eight tips for making money with Shopify

You will first have to work on your store. You can’t just make something and expect people to buy it; you must constantly work at it.

But there are things you can do to make it easier for people to come to you.

Focus your website on mobile users. ‌

As of 2019, 3.5 billion people all over the world used smartphones. In the same year, the average screen time of an adult in the US is about 4 hours. Because of the pandemic, that number went up in 2020.

Because so many of us browse on our phones, even to read customer reviews before buying something in-store, the first time someone sees your site will likely be on the phone. They’ll leave if it’s not made for mobile and doesn’t work right.

It’s easy to stop that from happening. First, look at your Shopify theme and see how it looks on a mobile device. Most of the time, Shopify will change your page to look better on a mobile device, but check just to be sure.

Your page will also look better on a mobile device if you change how it looks. Consider:

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are bigger

A constant header

Using a few images to draw attention

Using minimal text

Few to no popups

Getting ready for different screen sizes (phone, tablet, etc.)

By making your page this way, it will load faster and be easier to read, which will help people get to the information on it more quickly.

If you don’t already have one, think about making a mobile app. It can help you get new customers who only use apps, making it more likely that your store will appear in mobile-specific Google searches. It even lets people start a purchase on their phone and finish it on their desktop if they want to.

Another benefit is tracking how many mobile users your ads convert if you pay for ads. This can help you decide where to spend your money on ads in the future.

Try To Add More Products to your Shopify Store

If you sell more kinds of things, you’ll make more money. That doesn’t mean you should sell everything (it’s hard to compete with Amazon), but you should look into more products in your niche.

You can stay true to your brand and still be flexible if you sell products that go well together. For example, THE 5TH is a brand that sells watches primarily but also has other accessories like sunglasses.

The items you sell that go together should be:

  • Selling well around the world, but not just a trend
  • Unique
  • You’re trying to sell

If you need ideas, it’s not hard to find them. Amazon and Google’s suggestions can show you what people have searched for or bought, similar to what you want to sell. This gives you a great idea of what to sell. You can also make a personal, non-business social media account, visit an online store similar to yours, and see what ads are shown to you.

Use Shopify to host your site and buy a domain

The hosting service that Shopify offers is great for sellers. It provides a service called a content distribution network that hosts site content in different locations worldwide. So that the content would be provided to local users faster; this higher speed increases customer retention.

Shopify does give users a free domain, but it can’t be changed in any way. Shopify’s brand name is always part of the URL, which can hurt your SEO. With a custom domain, people who search for your business won’t go to Shopify’s page. Instead, they’ll come to you.

A domain will cost you at least $11 per year, but it could be more. Once you buy one, all search traffic will go to your store, and you’ll get to keep the authority your domain builds over time, which makes it rank even higher.

Try using whole dollar amounts

Stores have been ending prices with a cent amount like.99 or.97 for a long time to make things look like they cost less. There’s nothing wrong with that, but your product might not need to try to beat everyone else’s price.

Consider using whole-number prices instead of ending with a cent amount. Companies like Nike do it and keep doing well at it. If you want to try it out yourself, you can easily set it up in your site’s settings without changing each price.

Follow these steps:

Settings > General > Store Currency > Change Formatting


Shopify has a lot of plugins and integrations that give sellers a lot of ways to change the way it works. Try the ones that improve your store or help you solve a problem. Then, keep the ones that help you.

Plugins and integrations for Shopify can help with everything from making payments to marketing. For example, you can connect your store to Constant Contact to simplify email marketing. Put it in your store, and you’ll get the following:

  • Targeted Emails
  • Automated Emails to Unfinished Purchases
  • Drag & Drop Capability
  • Sales Data Analytics

And that’s just one way they work together. Others let people use their social media accounts to sign in to your store, leave reviews, and do much more.

Add Precise Product Images

Don’t ever forget how important good images are to your website. The better your photos look, the better your product looks, and the more professional your brand seems to the customer.

When building your store, you have a lot of choices. Sites like Unsplash offer free, beautiful images that you can use. This kind of picture works well as a header or background, but you should hire a good photographer to show off your products. It will pay off big time.

Good photos of your products can be used in places other than your store. Think about the things you post on social media, especially Instagram. You can even combine them with customer reviews to show what the product looks like, or you can use your gear to take high-quality portraits of brand ambassadors.

Make sure you know the rules

Always put information about your policies on your website. This includes exchanges, returns, and money back. People want to know what they’re getting when they buy from your store, and if you don’t list anything, you might seem like a less reliable brand.

Shopify gives sellers a standard set of rules they can put on their stores. You can make changes to them or use them as is. Read them, make sure you understand them and make sure you can follow them. You can find them under “Legal” in the settings menu.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is a fun and easy way for people to connect with your brand and can help with conversions. This works well with quizzes.

Let’s say you sell eyeglasses. Make a quiz that helps people find their perfect partner. Most of the time, people will finish the quiz, according to the data. They may even give it to others. And it makes them more likely to buy the product they are matched with.

Some quick stats on quizzes from LeadQuizzes.com:

  • Most quizzes are shared almost 2,000 times.
  • 82% of people who saw quizzes in their newsfeed participated.
  • 96% of people finish quizzes made by Buzzfeed.

You’ll also stand out from brands that don’t use interactive content. Try out a few different ideas and see which ones work.

Final Words

Getting more people to use your online store is easier than you think. Try a few tips here and keep track of how they work. What you find might be a surprise. Keep in mind:

  • You should make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Winners can be made with interactive content.
  • Spend money on good photos and keep your layout simple.
  • Be upfront about your policies
  • Integrations and plugins are your friends.

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Steve has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Starting in the early 2000s, Steve achieved eBay Power Seller status which propelled him to become a founding partner of VisionPros.com, a contact lens and eyewear retailer. Four years later through a successful exit from that startup, he embarked on his next journey into digital strategy for direct-to-consumer brands.

Currently, Steve is a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify, where he helps brands to identify, navigate and accelerate growth online and in-store.

To maintain his competitive edge, Steve also hosts the top-rated twice-weekly podcast eCommerce Fastlane. He interviews Shopify Partners and subject matter experts who share the latest marketing strategy, tactics, platforms, and must-have apps, that assist Shopify-powered brands to improve efficiencies, profitably grow revenue and to build lifetime customer loyalty.

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