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8 Web Push Notification Tactics For A Successful Black Friday Sale

An e-commerce store with a plethora of items.

It’s gotten easier for eCommerce businesses of all sizes to convert their visitors into subscribers, thanks to web push notifications. With their immediate delivery, short message, and high visibility, stores have added web push notifications as one of these channels when promoting their new products, collections, and of course, their sale. Web push notifications play a huge role for stores running their Black Friday sale. These instant promotions bring the shopper to the store as soon as the sale is live.

One Shopify Plus store set up a few web push campaigns last year during their Black Friday sale using PushOwl. Just one web push campaign generated $4,000 for their store!

The biggest advantage of using web push notifications for your Black Friday sale is that there are no spam filters that stores have to tackle. Your email is sure to end up in spam with words like ‘sale’. But, with push notifications, there are no such hoops to jump through.

Instead, when crafting your Black Friday promotions, your only goal in mind is to ensure that your web push notification copy is optimized to cater to your busy and distracted deal-hunting shoppers. The way you write your push copy is just as important as the kind of promotions you send. Let’s dive into how you can write compelling push messages for your Black Friday sale

Note: Before you jump into these tactics, ensure you have a winning web push notification strategy in place to attract your shoppers to purchase from you. Set up different kinds of promotions before, during, and after the sale with our guide to Black Friday strategy for web push notifications.

8 Web Push Tactics For a Successful Black Friday Sale

1. Keep it short

Your shoppers are distracted and this means long messages just won’t cut it. Convey your promotion’s message in as few words as possible. Here’s an example of the same notification, written in two different ways. You’ll notice that the shopper has an easier time finding your Black Friday deal in the second notification, making them click through faster.
Hack: Place the most important information within the title of your web push notification. Any additional message or fun copy can be added within the message.

2. Countdown to the start and the end of the sale

Adding a countdown in your promotion is a great way to elicit a quicker response from shoppers. For one ecommerce brand, a countdown increased clicks by 28% when compared to its standard abandonment emails.

Your countdown notification before the sale starts is focused on adding hype for your subscribers.

When counting down to the end of your sale, we recommend focusing on both the time left for shoppers to finish buying as well as your large discount that they don’t want to miss out on.

3. Announce the discount

For every web push notification you send, there is a hook that brings that subscriber to your store. For your Black Friday sale promotions, this hook is your discount.

That’s why we always suggest that you put your discounts first, within the title of your push notification. You’ll notice the difference here:

4. Clickbait your shoppers to get them to your store

There’s no doubt that clickbait works— we’ve all fallen for it. A well-written title like “Find Out the Secret Behind XYZ’s Success” has made us all jump to read the article. You can sprinkle a little clickbait into your push notifications for a similar reaction. Phrases like “discounts like never before!” can incite curiosity within your shoppers and make them get to your store faster.

Do note that you shouldn’t overuse this web push tactic. Clickbait is usually best if you have a contest running on your store or want to nudge that last visit before your sale ends.

5. Give them a reason to shop!

Sometimes, your promotions need more than just a shiny discount to convert shoppers. In this case, let shoppers know what they’ll be missing out on or why they should be shopping this sale.

Remind them to use your big Black Friday sale is finish Christmas shopping or inform them how this is your last sale for the year.

6. Use urgency words to nudge more purchases

Urgency words and phrases are a powerful way to provoke faster action from your shoppers. An Experian report found that promotional emails conveying a sense of urgency had at least twice as high transaction rates compared to their average marketing emails.

Hack: These are a few phrases we recommend to create urgency— Last chance, limited time, ends now, act now, expires soon, hurry, don’t miss. You can use these words within your message but phrases like “Act Now” are best used within your buttons.

7. Use your buttons to increase click-throughs

The two buttons available when crafting your web push notifications are a great way to take shoppers to different parts of your store. Mavi Jeans, for instance, uses these buttons to take shoppers to their gender-specific collection.

Think of the different collections your shoppers usually go to. This can be your ‘Bestseller’ collection or, if you sell shoes, it could be ‘heels’ and ‘flats’.

Hack: Give more context to your primary link by using your 1st button to take shoppers to the link you’ve added as the primary link.

8. Customize abandoned cart copy for sale shoppers

Shoppers during BFCM are sure to abandon their cart and forget to come back. Ensure that you’ve set up Abandoned Cart Reminders with the intent to bring these shoppers back before the sale ends. Once your sale is live on your store, tweak your copy for the sequence of reminders to nudge a purchase from abandoners.

Your first reminder can serve just as a reminder to bring them back to your store. Your second reminder can let them know that the sale will end soon and the third reminder can tell them how long they have left before checking out.

Hack: Your shoppers shouldn’t receive a BFCM-themed reminder after the sale. Change your third reminder’s copy 12 hours before the sale ends to your default Abandoned Cart Reminder copy. Once the sale ends, change the other two reminders’ copy back to default as well.

We hope these web push tactics help you create your campaigns faster. Good luck with your Black Friday planning!

This article was originally published by our friends at PushOwl.

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