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9 Top Apps In The Shopify App Store


Shopify covers the basics every business needs. For everything else, there are apps. Apps give you the flexibility to pick and choose how you customize your store—from adding customer reviews to displaying pop-up messages. A good app can even help you streamline how you do business.

But what makes an app “good”? Not only should it deliver what it promises, a high-quality app should also be:

    • Fast
    • Safe
    • Reliable
    • Easy to use

    Shopify measures these qualities using its extensive commerce experience, and by listening to feedback from millions of merchants like you.

    Easy-to-use can be hard to measure, so Shopify created the App Design Guidelines. These guidelines show developers how to create a clear, usable, and accessible experience that’s streamlined with the rest of the Shopify admin. Because when apps are easy to use, you can focus on what matters most—selling.

    Ahead are a selection of top apps that meet Shopify’s App Design Guidelines.

     9 top apps in the Shopify App Store

    1. Matrixify

    Use it for: Store management

    How it works: Matrixify lets you bulk import, export, and update your Shopify store data using Excel and CSV files. If you’re migrating to Shopify from another platform, this app also allows you to easily move all your products, customers, and orders over to Shopify, streamlining the migration process. 

    Pricing: From free up to $200/month

    2. Event Ticketing

    Use it for: Store management, store design

    How it works: This app gives you the ability to easily design, sell, and scan event tickets. With Event Ticketing, you can add your own custom branding to event tickets, sell them directly through your online store, and scan them using your phone. Event Ticketing also integrates with Apple Wallet, making it easy for customers to save their tickets to their mobile devices. 

    Pricing: From free up to $999/month

    3. Warnify: Pro Warnings

    Use it for: Store design

    How it works: Warnify makes it easy to communicate with your customers through pop-ups. Announce low inventory, shipping delays, an upcoming store closure, and more through fully customizable pre-checkout pop-ups. Choose which customers can view the pop-up by targeting certain countries, states, and provinces. 

    Pricing: From free up to $9.95/month

    4. Crowdfunder

    Use it for: Selling products, store management

    How it works: Crowdfunder is your one-stop shop for hosting and managing a crowdfunding campaign directly through your Shopify store. You can use this app to manage pre-orders, product launches, and limited edition releases. Crowdfunder is also a great solution for nonprofits, making it easy to raise funds for causes and charities.

    Pricing: $24/month

    5. Bulk Discount Code Bot

    Use it for: Marketing and conversion

    How it works: This app prevents customers from using leaked discount codes by automatically generating unique codes for one-time use. Bulk import discount codes into your favorite email marketing tool and send your customers personalized discounts. 

    Pricing: From free up to $99/month

    6. Quiz Kit: Personalized Quizzes

    Use it for: Marketing and conversion

    How it works: Quiz Kit lets you create custom branded commerce quizzes. Learn more about your customers and offer tailored product recommendations in their quiz results. Each customer gets a personalized buying experience that can help drive conversions.

    Pricing: From free up to $249/month

    7. VF Image Optimizer

    Use it for: Store design, marketing and conversion

    How it works: VF Image Optimizer is your go-to app for all things image optimization. Using AI, this app automatically trims, crops, resizes, and frames images. You can also use it to apply watermarks and alt text to your images, making SEO a breeze.

    Pricing: From free up to $38.99/month

    8. EasyRoutes Delivery

    Use it for: Orders and shipping, store management

    How it works: Handling delivery logistics can be tough. With EasyRoutes, you can easily manage local deliveries by planning your delivery routes, dispatching drivers, and keeping customers informed with tracking pages and delivery notifications.

    Pricing: From free up to $45/month

    9. Locksmith

    Use it for: Store management

    How it works: Locksmith gives you complete control over the content your customers see when browsing your online store. With this app, you can lock specific pages, products, and collections for certain customers and choose to provide access based on conditions like customer tags and email addresses, passcodes, secret links, geographic location, purchase history, and more. 

    Pricing: From $9/month up to $199/month

    This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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