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90+ Ecommerce Businesses In Every Industry That You Can Support Right Now (With Special Offers)


The day COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, we put our heads together to think about how we can best support the Shopify & Shopify Plus brands in our community. 

Beyond being a Messenger & SMS platform, we realized that we have an audience filled with individuals who purchase products on a regular basis. We have decided that from now on we will be promoting up and coming Shopify businesses in all of our eman67’=8ils for the foreseeable future.  We want to allow Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants (our customer or not) the ability to share their brand with our audience.

We’re calling on other companies in the Shopify ecosystem to do the same and help support our community of merchants. ?

Below we’ve highlighted 90+ of the brands who we’re going to showcase that you can support right now! Most brands have also generously included exclusive offers just for this initiative.

The next time you need some coffee beans, workout equipment, health supplements, skincare products, an edible cookie dough snack, or even an indoor garden – consider searching this list to help support some great independent businesses!

To be included, brands can submit their information in this Google form (you will not receive any sales or marketing communications from us).




Special Offer: Use code OCTANE for free swag (shaker & towel) with every order of grass-fed whey protein.

Strength.com offers healthy sports nutrition supplements for serious athletes.

We are proud to offer clean, premium supplements that will help you stay healthy and strong. We invite you to check out our brand, BuiltByStrength – all orders of our fan favorite protein will receive free swag!


Image upload on 2020-03-16 at 16-44-40

Special Offer: Use code Sample10 for 10% off all orders

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion, a scientist and athlete who was fed up with how detached sports nutrition had become from the science. Rowan created the brand that he wished existed. One that sells simpler products that are grounded in science and are high in quality. Ultimately a brand that he would trust to help him on his athletic journey.


Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 4.46.20 PM

Special Offer: Use code Relax33 for 33% off your order plus free shipping on orders over $150

Back and Neck Massage tools. U-Fix Everyday to Keep the Doctor Away.

The Barbell Box


Special Offer: Use code OCTANEAI10 for 10% off your entire purchase no matter the length. The longer the initial subscription the more you save.

We are a monthly fitness subscription box that deliver different products to your door every month so that you can discover your new favourite fitness products in the comfort of your home


Green Buffalo Farm

Transparency-file-2048 (1)

Special Offer: Use code OCTANE20NEW for 20% off site wide.

Premium, Craft Hemp Flower and CBD oils. Ranked Top 10 on CBDvalidator.com

Did you know that Full Spectrum CBD oil is known to help with Anxiety, Depression and Stress! Green Buffalo Farms 1,500 mg CBD oil was selected as a top 10 out of 1,600 oils by third party CBD Advanced Sciences at CBDValidator.com.

We Are Rasa


Special Offer: Use code OCTANE for 15% off your first order

Adaptogen-packed wellness tonics you brew (and love) like coffee, for sustained energy and focus with no jitters or crash.

In times of stress, many of us turn to coffee to keep the candle burning at both ends…but coffee actually increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can also inhibit immune response…d’oh!

Rasa mimics the coffee experience, but is packed with adaptogens—herbs that support resilience in the face of stress, and fortify immune health. Trading coffee for Rasa—or even just cutting back—can help you be less of a hot mess in times of stress.



We believe that living water is the foundation for healthy bodies, conscious minds, and inspired lives. DYLN is bridging the gap between wellness and convenience with our eco-friendly alkaline water creating bottles.

Create and drink cold alkaline water, keep hydrated and boost your immune system today.



Special offer: Use code IMMUNITY for 20% off Immunity Collection

Supplement brand backed by clinical studies and manufactured in the United States. We stand by you and your health.

Vitamins Direct


Europe’s largest speciality retailer of vitamins, supplements and health food products. Does your body need a friend?

Gourmante Health


Special offer: Use code STAYHEALTHY for 20% off entire order (limit to 1 per customer)

Gourmante’s mission is to promote the healthy Mediterranean Lifestyle, offering authentic, high quality, natural & safe products to help people live healthier, happier & longer. Our guiding principle is the well-known quote by ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the founder of medicine: “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food”.

Supporting a healthy immune system is our long term advice for overall health & wellbeing, which could not be more relevant particularly now. Eat well, support gut health, get enough sleep and supplement your diet to further support your immune system. Use as much as possible, all natural products with high antioxidant properties to help fight off infections.


RGB Logor for web 2

ShaktiMat is a Social Impact brand supporting Female Empowerment in India.

Our 4,000+ 5-Star reviews describe how our hand-crafted acupressure mats help with backpain, stress, insomnia and headaches.

Everyone knows someone who’d love a ShaktiMat.


More Shower Space


More Space! Up in seconds. No rings necessary. Just pop it on any normal shower rod. Patented panels create space naturally, simply angle away from your body and flex like an accordion to open & close. Frosting lets light in while maintaining privacy.

Machine Washable: Premium textile liner. Easy clean. Lasting value. Saves you money. Zero plastic waste. Stop repeat-spending on throwaway junk. Enjoy an Instant Shower Space Upgrade


IGWorks2 (1)

Special offer: Use code iHarvest for $25 off the Purchase of an iHarvest Indoor Garden.

IGWorks™ provides smart indoor gardening kits for anyone who wants to grow farm fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables year ’round. Thank you for supporting healthy food grown beautifully in your own home

Stella Rugs


Special Offer: Use code MY1STTIME10% for 10% off your first order. 

Stella Rugs is a rug retailer. Your Room, Your Home, Your Sanctuary.

Randolph Rose


Special Offer: Use code Welcome20 for 20% off all statues

Custom bronze statues for home and garden. Experience the art of bronze with our curated collection of statues and fountains for private and public spaces.

Chilling Wine


Special Offer: Use code AIMarch for10% off all Wine Coolers over £1000

Wine Fridges, built in, freestanding or counter top. Many brands and top offers all with free shipping. Wine Fridges to enjoy your wine during self isolation from Coronavirus. Life needn’t be all bad.

Baloo Living


Special Offer: Use code Baloo15 for 15% off weighted blankets on our store

We sell luxury weighted blankets with cool cotton and glass microbeads. We are female founded, carbon neutral, and partners with the Pajama Program (non-profit serving children). We are excited to launch our new Sleep Stone mask with a crytal embedded over the third eye to connect with the third eye chakra, regulating sleep/wake cycles. 

Sleep is one of the foundations of good health, impacting our mental, emotional, and physical health. Weighted blankets support sleep through calming the nervous system, reducing cortisol and increasing serotonin, all naturally. In times of uncertainty, staying calm and healthy serves us and our communities – we are honored to be able to provide a simple yet effective product to improve quality of life for our more than 20,000 customers.


VerveTex Inc.

Special Offer: Use code WELCOME for 15% off entire order

Transform your favorite room into a luxurious space with a hand-made, one of a kind rug by a master carpet artisan.

Our products include rugs, bathmats, pillows, bedsheets, and blankets and we control the quality and price since we have our in house manufacturing. What makes us even more unique is our artisans have been working in this industry for generations and our company helps them get a place to live and help there kids to go to school. Besides, that our company donates every month to a unique cause for that particular month.

Tap Art

tapart [Recovered]

Special Offer: Use code TAPART10 for 10% Off Entire Order

TapArt curates artwork from talented digital artists globally and brings their designs to your door, ready to hang. With every purchase, you’re supporting the Independent Artist behind the design. Check out exclusive canvas, tapestries, and framed prints with designs by some of the coolest Digital Artists on the planet. 

We’re a new D2C Art Brand with a mission to serve as a platform for Digital Artists to creatively express themselves and connect them to an audience that wants to fill up their walls with high quality, unique artwork. Follow us on Instagram @the.tapart!

Us and The Earth


Special Offer: Use code KIT20 for 20% off our Kitchen Starter Kit

Eco friendly, sustainable solutions to help you eradicate single use plastics from your home, save money & reduce waste. Currently within Australia only.

Shelly Clayspot


Special Offer: Use code WELCOME for 10% on purchases over $45

Shelly Clayspot is a maker of functional pottery inspired by nature with an artsy touch. 

I’m looking to be inspired by you, the customer of my ceramic ware, to learn and make new designs.

My Christmas Crate


Special Offer: Use code CRATE10 for 10% off your purchase

My Christmas Crate is a monthly subscription for Christmas fans, lovers and enthusiasts of all things Christmas and the holiday season! My Christmas Crate sources hard to find, quality Christmas and seasonal delights year round! Each Crate is full of delicious flavors, sweet aromas, holiday home decor and more… guaranteed to spark memories of Christmas.

Why wait until Christmas when it can be enjoyed NOW? Give in to your passion for Christmas year round and join thousands of others each month!

NG Teco


Special Offer: Use code Spring25 for 25% off Spring Locks

NGTeco is a time attendance brand. 


Hiker Hunger

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.00.46 AM

Special Offer: Use code NEWGEAR15 for15% off a purchase of $25 or more.

We’re an outdoor brand in Boston, MA – we sell mostly hiking poles, but also sell other outdoor equipment and apparel. When the time is right, you’ll want to get outside! We take pride in creating high quality outdoor gear, made for movement.

When the time is right, you’ll want to get outside! We take pride in creating high quality outdoor gear, made for movement. Go further with Hiker Hunger Outfitters.


Mini Chua Orchids


Special Offer: Use code SPRING101 for $15 off and free shipping on purchases over $50

We’re Orchids nursery special list about Orchid species, miniature orchids.Want to find a new hobby in this spring? Visit our online store you will fall in love.

Succulent Obsessed


Special Offer: Use code OWS10 for 10% off all items/purchases

Celebrating the Beauty of Succulents! We feature the most popular succulent and cacti style decorative items, as well as jewelry and accessories, and provide them to our customers at the best prices.

Shoe Care

Goat Shoe Care


Special Offer: Use code OCTANEAI for 15% off your purchase

GOAT SHIELD launched in 2018 with the mission to provide the best premium shoe care on the market.

GOAT SHIELD may not be the cheapest, and there’s a reason why. We’ve tested countless solutions to create premium products that keeps your sneakers fresh and clean for years to come. We don’t sacrifice quality or the environment for a cheap price point, and in the long run you’ll save money because you’re investing in your shoes.

They don’t call us THE GREATEST for no reason.

GOAT SHIELD is a team first and foremost. We believe in uniting to achieve perfection and this comes through in every aspect of our process.

Pleasure Products

Pleasure You Pleasure Me

Special Offer: 10% off for new customers automatically

Find Sex Toys For Sale such as Realistic Love Dolls, Male Masturbation Devices & Bondage Equipment For Couples to enhance your life! Everyone Deserves A Toy That Brings Them Pleasure!


The Magnet King


Special Offer: Use code HEY10 for 10% off total order amount

Wireless charging essentials. No more messy cables or dead batteries. It’s time to make the ‘shift’ to a more simple, elegant and wireless life. Live free – Go wireless.



Crossbeats redefines the wireless earphone experience, inspiring people with active lifestyles and adventurous urbanites to push their boundaries.


Pete & Pedro


Men’s Hair & Grooming Brand Featured on Shark Tank. Bueno Hair!

Get Beast


Special Offer: Use code BEAST2020 for 20% off your purchase

Personal care products for Beasts of all kinds. Up your grooming game with less shower waste.

L.M. Dorwart


Special Offer: Use code SAVEWOCTANE for 5% off $25 order

The premier men’s grooming & skincare destination. 


Today Glitter


Special Offer: Use code Sparkle10 for 10% Off total purchase min USD$20

The original biodegradable glitter with no plastic. Today Glitter is authentic Bio-glitter eco friendly glitter that stops pollution.

Honua Skincare

Honua Hawaiian Skincare logo LIGHT GREEN - Transparent

Special Offer: Use code OCTANE for 20% off your entire purchase

Uniquely-crafted natural and botanical Hawaiian skincare from soil to skin to soul. Stay healthy and safe this season! It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and loved ones in these times.

Gavin Luxe


Special Offer: Use code OCT25 for 25% off any purchase

We offer line sensuously fragranced product for home & body. This is a unique and trying time for humanity. We will get past this! Hugs.

Slayz Bundles Boutique


Special Offer: Use code OCTANE25 for 25% your entire purchase

SlayzBundles Boutique Hair Co is a high level of beauty and fashion that cater to all beauties. Thank you for your support.

Pet Supplies

The Dog Bakery

The-Dog-Bakery-logo-300SQFreshly baked dog treats & celebration cakes.The Dog Bakery began with a mission to bake up the most delicious dog treats and to celebrate dogs everyday. We’re THE place for all natural personalized birthday cakes for dogs. Pick them up in our bakeries around Los Angeles or order online.

We’ve been baking for over a decade, and have perfected all-natural, fresh-baked treats that look just as good as they taste — dog tested, puppy approved. Our world famous bakeries have ovens working around the clock to ensure pups everywhere get fresh, premium, and great tasting baked goods. Located in the Los Angeles Farmers Market, Venice, Belmong Shore & Old Town Pasadena or order online.


NutriCanine Bespoke Raw Dog Food

Special Offer: Use code 7trial for 7-day free trial 

Subscription Meal Boxes For Dogs; Pre-portioned, frozen and delivered. NutriCanine is Canada’s first dog food brand to offer pre portioned, rotational meals. NutriCanine is quickly becoming a household name ranking in the top 10% of all stores lauched last year for traffic.

Lola Hemp


Special Offer: Use code OCTANE15 for 15% off your entire purchase

Full spectrum hemp products specially formulated for pets. Charitable brand that donates a bottle to a rescue organization for every four sold.

By leveraging Octane AI’s custom flows we’ve been able to work around Facebook and Googles CBD marketing restrictions and drive cheap, qualified traffic to our e-commerce store. Additionally, we’ve been able to amass a huge following of messenger subscribers which are re-marketed to with educational content and sales promotions.

Alpin Hound

AH_PETCOSpecial Offer: Use code OCTANEHOUND2020 for 10% off your entire purchase

Extraordinary dog collars, leashes and harnesses. On behalf of everyone at Alpinhound Pet Co., we hope that everyone in your life stays safe and healthy.

Sporting Goods

Solar Sporting Goods

SSG_Tent_Logo_500_pxSpecial Offer: Use code SOUL10 for 10% off

Solar Sporting Goods is a new start-up on a mission to bring you the best of solar powered light off grid gear. Our new brand, SOUL GEAR, aims to deliver solar products that take you off the beaten track with style and confidence. Start by combining the necessary with the fun. Keep your gear high and dry with our solid, reliable 500D coated tarpaulin dry bag and bring along the music via the built-in waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speaker. Keep an eye out for new innovative products that take you seamlessly from the city to the wilderness and back again.

Ditch those uncomfortable earbuds today! Keep your personal belongings dry while enjoying your favorite watersports & outdoor activities.

Olympic Sporting Co

2020-03-13Special Offer: Use code SPORTS100 for Rs.100/- OFF

Olympic Sporting Co is an authorised dealer for all sports brands like Yonex, Nivea, STAG, Apacs etc since 1975. We offer original and branded sports products at competitive price.


The Pink Pigs


Special Offer: Use code BeTheChange for 15% off your first purchase in our boutique

Beautiful, quality jewelry, gifts and decor curated by animal and nature lovers for animal and nature lovers! 100% of proceeds are used help real rescued animals at an amazing sanctuary in FL called Rooterville! We give compassionate people a place to shop that supports a cause dear to them.

Let your love for nature and animals show with something from our store that makes you FEEL as good on the inside as you look on the outside. Compassion is always in Fashion at The Pink Pigs!

Glamour Jewelry Box


Special Offer: Use code BONUS 4 for free bonus earrings worth $29 in your first subscription

Jewelry Subscription Service. We make it easy for you to discover new jewelry. Jewelry Subscription Service. Customize Your First Jewelry Box Today!



Special Offer: Use code OCTANE for 20% off your entire order

Meaningful gemstone jewelry celebrating all life’s seasons and occasions, all handmade by stay-at-home moms in Asheville, NC. 

The Ultimate Cuff


We are the original jewelry band for Apple Watch.

Dharma Shop


Special Offer: Use code Dharma25 for 25% off site-wide

Handmade Malas, Bracelets, Singing Bowls, Prayer Flags and more since 1999. DharmaShop has provided a world market for fair-trade Himalayan goods. Thank you for your support!


Evan Red

evanred_orange_logo_3d1c5483-b3c8-4c56-b224-124651d9c4f9 (1)

Special Offer: Use code EVANRED15 for 15% off

We are a brand of luxury leather briefcases and laptop backpacks. We, as an online luxury leather accessories brand, are dedicated to bringing our products that are at the perfect intersection of both style and functionality to our customers. All our bags are designed and crafted by hand using top-grain leather with care to every small detail and make sure it’s high quality. Our collections include both briefcases and backpacks for working professionals who are style, modernity and comfort seekers. All our bags are available in multiple colors.


Final Logo Black-01

Special Offer: Use code NEW15 for 15% off

At MANSSION, we make millimeter decisions. Every detail, design, and material is meticulously crafted to perfection with the same passion we preach. Our jewelry is designed by us, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Our pieces use only the highest quality materials, including natural stones, pure 925 sterling silver, and real gold. Plated jewelry uses industry leading 3 micron layers and a custom formulated e-coat for even more protection. We promise to continue delivering quality, versatile, and unique designs that remind you to be great while looking your best.

We live by one idea: Set yourself apart.

We are an expression of those who strive to be extraordinary in everything they do. MANSSION encourages you to never turn off what turns you on. Relentlessly chase your dreams and enjoy the beauty in the process.

Our brand is the perfect balance of edginess and sophistication and is the ultimate expression of individuality. We hope you find the passion to stand out from the crowd. Our products are a reminder to do so.


JMW Boutique 

Untitled_100x@2x (1)

Special Offer: Use code IAMTHENEW10 for 10% off first order

JMW Boutique has fashion for “every woman” from petite to curvy sizes XS to 5XL. We are the extraordinary online women’s boutique that you’ve been dreaming and hoping for. Take a selfie in your outfit or items from JMW Boutique and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Tag us #jmwboutique and share the good news!

JMW Boutique loves you!

Allure Boutique

69821066_2372847466096889_5287080921487376384_n (1)

Special Offer: Use code Loyalty10 for 10% off entire purchase

Clothing for women and girls with a western flare. Home decor inspired by vintage, farmhouse and western roots. Today and everyday, our Allure Boutique team embraces a positive and grateful mindset. Our customers’ needs are at the heart of everything we do, every decision we make, and every interaction we have. We’re here for you, to support you, to provide for you, and to give you the feeling that you seek with open arms and hearts.



Special Offer: Use code 5FOR60 for 5 Pairs for $60 + Free Shipping in the US!

Knickey offers the best basic briefs from certified organic cotton. Making organic the everyday option through elevated, affordable intimates, Knickey is for the woke womxn who seeks comfort, durability, and certified sustainability: GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fair Trade to be exact. Beyond a tight edit of the ultimate undies in real hues, Knickey’s plastic free packaging is designed to be reused – so you can Recycle your old undies when you get your new and improved. Aiming to improve system circularity for an otherwise disposable product, they even reward you for the act.

Nimble Made

Nimble_logo_darkblue (1)

Special Offer: Use code octane10 for 10% off of your order

Men’s “Actually Slim Fit” Dress Shirts. Nimble Made is a men’s slim fit dress shirt brand with sizes created through height and weight. Our dress shirts have a trimmed shirt length, sleeve length, and back/shoulder measurements for an actually slim fit. Never tailor again. Free shipping & returns.

Feather Baby


Special Offer: Free shipping & returns

Luxuriously soft and sustainable designer baby outfits.

Pierre Henry

Logo-Amazon-White-1 (1)

Special Offer: Use code octane10 for 10% off on any 9 pair pack

Pierre Henry Socks is a brand for over the calf dress socks that have a unique design to keep them up all day long. The days of saggy socks are over. Please stay sanitized at home & keep your spirit and socks up!

Krakatoa Underwear

Krakatoa_V2 (1)

Special Offer: Use code AmazeBalls20 for 20% off site-wide

Premium Underwear for People with Balls. Your Underwear is the foundation of your day, nothing goes right when your underwear is wrong.


BOLLI-Logo-Dog-Owner-Jacket_b726d0f2-843a-4bc1-913f-952ea4f46457_410x (1)

Special Offer: Use code SPRING2020 for 15% off

BOLLI represents the modern and smart dog owner. Our innovative jacket with 15+ pockets and holders makes your walk with the dog much more comfortable while looking super fashionable. We produce environmentally friendly PFC free! 

Are you modern Dog Owner?

Looking for a the ultimate Jacket for your Walks and Training?

Congrats! This is the end of your search.


Tobbs_logo_100x@2x (1)

Special Offer: Use code Octane for free shipping with minimum purchase of $25 for United States customers only. Good until April 13, 2020

T-shirts & hoodies with sports slogans. Customers can also upload and design their own. 


logo-rounderbum-rewards-2020_410x (1)

Special Offer: Use code NEWFAVS for10% discount on the entire order 

Undergarments featuring new technologies that enhance your physique.

Get ready to really smile. Because you’re going to love the way you look and feel in our underwear.



Special Offer: Use code RANG20 for flat 20% discount on all orders above Rs.2999

Anokherang is an uber cool all-gen fashion destination that helps you Just Be Yourself and aspires to create designs that are beautiful; inspirational; pure and honest; giving you several colorful options to shop for different occasions, be it Traditional Indian Wear for Marriages, Ethnic Wear or Formal Wear for Office, Indo-Western for Parties, or Casual Wear for just hanging out with friends.

Alpaka Gear


Special Offer: Use code TAKE10OFF for 10% off

We’re a premium goods brand creating products designed to improve your life.

We make stylish and functional bags & accessories with thoughtful features. Engineered for modern life.

Hope everyone stays calm and safe during these strange times. It’s a challenging time for all of us, but we’ll get through this together.

Porto Vino

logo burgundy logo

Special Offer: Use code octane for 10% off

Fashionable purses that can store beverages in a hidden insulated pocket and pour on the go. 

Fits 4 Yoga

Original-copySpecial Offer: Use code Checkout15 for 15% off and free shipping

At Fits4Yoga, we believe that yoga is a lifestyle that goes beyond the 4 corners of your mat. That is why our mission is to make women feel empowered when they step into any space, not just the studio. We provide flexible and durable clothing for any type of practice and activity. Fits4yoga is a women owned business that’s dedicated to provide customers with an amazing shopping experience. All our products ship from the USA.

Silkii Style


Special Offer: Use code Silkii25 for 25% Off Your First Order!

Pampering legs and feet with luxurious pantyhose and swanky socks! We believe luxury quality shouldn’t have to come with a high ticket price. So treat yourself and your feet to an affordable, luxury experience today! Our eco-friendly materials are safe for both you and the environment. Free shipping available and free returns with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Mary and Marie

M+M New Logotype Rev (1) (1)

Special Offer: Use code YES 20 for 20% off entire order and free shipping

Leather Handbags, laptop bags backpacks and gym bags. It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Mah Collection

MAH logo_venus-03 copy

Fashion for confident women having fun with color. You are unique and your style is a beautiful expression of your personality.

Food & Beverage

Caveman Coffee Co.


Special Offer: Use code COFFEE for 15% off your order

Functional Coffee Brand with healthy cold brew products! We have delicious and healthy coffee products to fuel your body.

Cosmic Cookie Dough


Special Offer: Use code COOKIELOVE for 10% off your entire order

Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough offers delicious and nutritious edible cookie dough that can be enjoyed raw or baked. Offering a healthier twist on traditional cookie dough, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and paleo friendly. Made with almond flour and sweetened with maple syrup, it suppresses appetite, increases energy, improves heart and immune health and provides rich antioxidants without sacrificing flavor.

Enjoy 10% off Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough!

Tiesta Tea


Special Offer: Use code StayHealthy2020 for 15% off your order

We started Tiesta Tea to revolutionize the way people consume tea.

Finding the right tea should be simple: what will it do for me and what does it taste like. By focusing on function and flavor, we make tea approachable and easy to understand. We created five functional categories based on the health benefits that each blend naturally gives you. And with a variety of flavors within each function, there are blends to fit every taste and lifestyle.

You are our #1 priority. We care about you and want to help everyone to stay safe & healthy.


Naked Blue with No Padding (1)

Special Offer: Use code OCTANE for 10% off

Introducing, Sated Keto Meal Shakes, the fastest keto meal in the world! With just a twist of a cap, get a delicious and satisfying low carb meal with omega 3s, 27 vitamins and minerals, and prebiotic fiber!

When you’re busy or don’t have time to cook, Sated Keto Shakes are easy. 

Are you a brand? We’re happy to include you too!

To be included, brands can submit their information in this Google form (you will not receive any sales or marketing communications from us).

This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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