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A Bigger And Better Shopify Audiences, Now Available With Google


In today’s market, we know customer acquisition is one of your biggest pain points.

Competition is fierce, advertising costs are rising, and ad attribution has become even more complex than it was before. That is why we launched Shopify Audiences for Shopify Plus merchants earlier this year – to help you navigate through the uncertainty of finding more buyers.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you a host of new and exciting features, including Shopify Audiences availability with Google. Shopify Audiences now lets you connect your Google Ads account to Shopify, accelerating our multi-platform strategy. Alongside the Google integration, our wider upgrades add greater flexibility and usability to Shopify Audiences. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season are fast approaching, and together these features will better support you to find more customers.

Table of contents

  1. What is Shopify Audiences?
  2. How are we improving Shopify Audiences?
  3. Shopify Audiences availability with Google
  4. Storewide audiences
  5. Auto-generated and auto-refreshed audiences
  6. Your bigger and better Shopify Audiences

What is Shopify Audiences? 

Finding new customers through digital marketing is difficult and expensive, with ecommerce customer acquisition costs rising by as much as 200% over the last 18 months alone.

Shopify Audiences supports you in meeting this challenge head-on, leveraging our platform and machine learning to create custom audiences that maximize reach and help drive conversions. Post-campaign, audience-level insights provide unique analyses of which marketing tactics were most impactful based on channel, spend and sales.

How are we improving Shopify Audiences? 

Here is a breakdown of the new features that enhance Shopify Audiences with the Google integration and more scope for cross-funnel campaigns:

Shopify Audiences availability with Google

Shopify Audiences now integrates with Google, an essential advertising platform for Shopify merchants.

When you log in to Shopify Audiences, you will see the option to connect a Google Account. Once connected, you can generate multiple, objective-based audiences using your store’s specific customer data and export them to your Google Ads account. These audiences help you to reach customers across the marketing funnel, whether your objective is maximizing awareness or driving more conversions.

Shopify Audiences now supports ads delivered on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, and more. We are continuing our innovation in this space, with additional measurement and attribution features for Google planned for 2023.

“Shopify Audiences helps merchants find more buyers, while lowering acquisition costs. The Google integration unlocks an exciting channel for merchants to sell more, faster,” says Daniel Debow, VP of Product, Shopify.

Storewide audiences

With storewide audience creation, you no longer need to have individual audiences for each product you want to sell. Audiences are now created at the store level, and are designed to find buyers across all of your store’s product categories.

An example: if you are a merchant that sells apparel, earlier you would have had to create an audience for a specific shirt, and then another for a specific dress, and so on. This led to overlap between audiences created for multiple products. Now your audiences are storewide and objective-based, ranging from high-reach to high-intent. If you want to reach more customers, high-reach is for you. If you want to help drive conversions from a more specific audience, high-intent is the way to go.

By simplifying audience creation in this way, we are able to cater to campaigns across a range of marketing objectives. Additionally, this process allows us to automatically generate and refresh audiences.

Shopify Audiences Google image screenshot

Auto-generated and auto-refreshed audiences

Shopify Audiences now automatically generates multiple audiences. This feature supports your marketing campaigns whether you are looking to maximize reach or drive conversions.

Each time you log in, you will have three Meta audiences and two Google audiences which are automatically created and ready to use.

We have also enabled auto-refresh audiences to ensure that audience lists are always up-to-date and aligned with your campaign objectives. Instead of us prompting you to manually refresh your audiences every seven days, audiences will now be refreshed automatically and remain active throughout the lifecycle of your ad set.

Your bigger and better Shopify Audiences

You are now better equipped to capitalize on the holiday season with our enhanced Shopify Audiences.

Storewide audiences and newly-automated processes for generating and refreshing audiences enable you to unlock buyers at all stages of the marketing funnel, while Shopify Audiences availability with Google creates a seamless workflow with this key advertising platform.

Explore further and connect your Google Account with Shopify Audiences today.

This originally appeared on Shopify Plus and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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