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A Deep Dive into How To Earn Money from YouTube Views

There are different ways to make money on YouTube.

You can use organic means or buy YouTube views to increase your platform's digital presence. But today, we will be diving deeper into the various means of earning money from YouTube and how you can boost your earnings.

How to Get Paid on YouTube – What You Need to Know About Basic Monetization

There are various ways to make money on YouTube, and here are the basic ones you need to know:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

One way to make money on YouTube is through their YouTube Partner Program or YPP. Through this program, you can set up a Google AdSense account that will allow you to earn money every time someone watches your videos. YouTube’s Partner Program includes the Super Chat feature, where you can receive “gifts” from your subscribers. Many people go live through the Super Chat to earn money.

The catch is that your YouTube channel needs to have a certain number of subscribers before you can join. The minimum requirement is 1000 subscribers, and you should also have a minimum of 4,000 valid watch hours within the past 12 months.

2. Set Up the Monetization

Video monetization allows creators to earn income from their videos through ads. Once you have reached the number of subscribers for your YouTube channel and the minimum watch time, you can start setting up video ads. Go to YouTube Studio, click the Monetization tab, and it will tell you how to set up your Google AdSense. You can start getting AdSense revenue once you have linked it to your Google AdSense.

3. Know the Different Ad Forms

Before generating ad revenue, you should understand the kinds of ad formats available. There are different ad forms, such as overlay ads, display ads, skippable and non-skippable ads, and sponsored ads. These are all different regarding how much ad revenue they can offer. Experimenting with these formats and seeing what works best for your YouTube Channel doesn't hurt.

4. Understand How Channel Memberships Work

There is such a thing as YouTube Premium. When you have YouTube Premium subscribers, you can access creator and member perks, allowing you to make more money on YouTube than you already earn. YouTube Premium revenue can accumulate through the access perks that they are offering.

5. Know How to Utilize the Merchandise Shelf

If you are offering merchandise in your YouTube account, use the Merchandise Shelf function. This is available for those who are YouTube Premium members. You link your merchandise to the shelf. It helps with the whole algorithm and will make your products more visible.

6. Earn through Affiliate Marketing

The average YouTube channel makes money through affiliate marketing as well. Leverage the many monetary benefits of affiliate marketing. You can sign up for the affiliate programs of different merchants or a marketplace and then leave the links in your video descriptions.

Remember, though, that affiliate marketing also has its eligibility requirements. You might also need a specific landing page to make sure that you can maximize your earning potential.

7. Get Sponsors and Sign Up for Brand Deals

Working with brands can also help you earn money on YouTube. Consider getting it if some brands and companies want to collaborate with you. What is great about this is that you have complete control over what you want to promote in your content. You can collaborate with brands and companies aligned with your values and what your content or Channel stands for. You can also set the rates. How much your earning potential through sponsorships depends on how large your audience is and how strong your command is.

8. You Can Earn through Crowdfunding and Donations

Sign up for a Patreon account or a Buy Me a Coffee account. For those avid viewers who want to support you, they can send their donations through these platforms. In return, you can offer your exclusive content to them or even have access to information and products that they might otherwise have to buy.

How Does YouTube Pay You – Frequently Asked Questions You Need to Know

Now that you know all the primary ways to monetize your YouTube channel, find out more about it through these frequently asked questions:

1.  Where do I find my earnings in my YouTube account?

Once you have signed up for the YouTube Partner Program and started earning from it, you can see how much you make by going to your AdSense account. You can just open your Google AdSense. On the left part, you can see the AdSense for YouTube tab, which will show you how much your earnings are.

2. Does YouTube get a percentage of my earnings?

Being the middleman, YouTube gets to have a share of your earnings. This is called the revenue share, and YouTube sets a percentage of how much they will get from your payments. When you sign up for the partner agreement, you should be able to learn about it in detail.

The Commerce Product Module can be turned on if you plan on getting fan funding. 70% of the net revenues will go to the creator. This can come from Super Stickers, Super Chat, and Super Thanks.

If you use the Watch Page Monetization Module, 55% of the revenues you get from displaying ads while streaming content will go to you, and the rest will go to YouTube. On the other hand, short monetization allows 45% of the revenues to go to the content creators.

3. How is the payment scheduled?

Every month, YouTube finalizes your earnings. You can get that next month. If you use the AdSense program, the payments are completed every 7th to 12th of the month. After that, you can get paid from the 21st to the 26th of the month.

It all depends on some things, such as the payment threshold of AdSense and how much you set. If there are no issues with your account, it will be released.

Increasing Your Earnings on YouTube – How to Earn Money from YouTube Views

Question: How many views on YouTube to make money? The higher the pictures, the higher your chances are for earning money. The more people watch your videos, the more exposure your products or affiliate links will get.

Here are a few tips that will help you earn more views and increase your chances of earning more money:

1. Make Long Form Videos

Longer videos usually mean more authority in YouTube’s algorithm. It’s about creating quality content that will make viewers stick around and watch more. Longer videos also allow you to showcase your content instead of condensing them into short videos. You can expound on information, show your behind-the-scenes, and create a better viewing experience for your audience.

2. Invest in Good Filming and Editing Tools

It's also about creating high-quality content. To do that, you can turn to editing tools to help you make your content more engaging. Film with good quality phones or cameras as well. It's all about making sure your content keeps up with the rest. With so much competition on this platform, you would want to stand out.

3. Make Sure You Know What Keywords to Use

YouTube’s algorithm also makes use of keywords. You need to use keywords to reach your target audience looking for your particular brand of content. You can use keywords in your titles and descriptions. This will make it easier for the algorithm to find your videos.

4. Post Content More Frequently

I'd like you to post content frequently to increase your presence on social media, which is essential. If you go for long periods without posting, it will be like starting from the beginning. Once you start gaining traction, keeping up the momentum by consistently producing and posting content is essential. This will help accelerate your growth on the platform. One way to ensure you always have something to post is to brainstorm content ideas and schedule your posts in advance.

5. Collaborate with Other Content Creators

You don't even need to collaborate with popular content creators. You can use small content creators with a micro audience and leverage the traction they have built to boost your content.

There are also many other ways to collaborate without actively working alongside content creators. You can share their YouTube videos, recommend them on your channel, or create content based solely on another content creator's post. You can post a reaction video or even do a stitch.

6. Know What’s Trending

You can jump into the content trends. You can find out what content ideas are trending. There could be challenges that you can do as well. If there are new releases of something related to your new, be the first to make content about it. That can help you gain more followers.

7. Make an Interesting Thumbnail

The thumbnail is what will initially capture your audience's attention. Coming up with thumbnails that will draw the attention of your viewers will help increase your views. There are different apps that you can use to create a thumbnail. Many new gadgets these days even have built-in tools that will make editing your content and developing thumbnails easier without the elaborate tools.

8. Consider Adding a Call to Action

Could you give the viewers something to do? A call to action gets them moving. You can ask them to subscribe or like your channel. You can even offer incentives for those who subscribe and like.

9. Promote Your Content on Other Platforms

You can create a snippet of your content and promote it on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. add a link to your YouTube channel. There could be audiences from these platforms that aren’t using YouTube yet.


The media outlets you can tap into to earn money are increasing. Before it becomes saturated, consider their potential to help you make a passive income. Please don't worry if you fail right away. It doesn't happen overnight. Many content creators on YouTube took years to get their channels to where they are now. But with consistency, you should still be able to see great results.

Use all the tools you have right now to improve your content and ensure you have something interesting to bring. Come up with unique, high-quality content to help you get the audience you seek. People will want to recommend your content and even share it on their platforms if they find it illuminating and entertaining.

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