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A Guide to Creating A Stellar Marketer Recruitment Strategy

The way large companies attract and keep the interest of potential candidates is changing through innovations in recruitment strategy.

To do this successfully, they are improving how they look for new employees using networking, career sites, referral programs, and even AI. The aim is to have a good reputation as a great workplace so that top talents want to come and work there. This guide focuses on these recent changes in the job market. It offers suggestions for creating an effective marketing recruitment strategy to fill your company's candidate pool with qualified people.

Key Takeaways

  • Large companies are changing how they attract top talent by improving their recruitment strategies, using things like networking, career sites, referrals, and AI.
  • Before hiring, clearly define the skills, qualifications, and qualities needed for the role to find the best fit.
  • Review resumes and conduct initial interviews to identify promising candidates, then do more in-depth assessments later if needed.
  • Go beyond just the interview by checking references and doing background research on top candidates to get more info about their suitability.
  • When making a job offer, decide on a competitive but sustainable salary and benefits package. Discuss any areas where there were differing opinions during the hiring process.

Identifying what you need

Before you begin hiring someone for a job, you should know precisely what skills & qualities they need to have. This means coming up with requirements for the job’s qualifications, thinking about how well someone needs to work with your team members, what the company culture is like etc. Doing this will increase your chances of hiring someone who can do their job well and fits in with everyone else at the company (‘organizational culture').

Job Description Creation

The description of a job is what will make an applicant decide to apply for it or not. It is important that the description is clear and interesting and that it gives an accurate picture of the job. If it is well written, it will also help the business attract qualified people for the job.

Choosing the Right Platforms

It is essential to pick the correct places to announce a job opening so that suitable applicants can see it. This may include websites where many companies post job listings or forums where people in specific industries chat about working; there are also social media sites used just for jobs. Sometimes, getting in touch with people who might want to apply for a job but don't know it yet is a good idea–they might be happy as soon as they hear about it! Using professional networks online is one way of reaching out to possible candidates like these.

Some suggestions for what to include in this strategy for hiring marketers:

Social Reach: 

Building Relationships with Talent Social media is a tool recruiters use often; more than 90% of them use it in their hiring process. It’s a good idea to use up-to-date platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Telegram for this because they help you connect better with potential employees. Also, posting interesting things, such as stories about workers or comments on recent developments in your industry, creates more visibility for your company and its values.

Talent Networks: Growing Your Audience

When Deloitte Australia created a talent community (a group of people interested in working for them), it got 5000 members every year. This made finding candidates easier because they could talk to people who had already shown interest in their company instead of starting from scratch. Partnering with sites like Avature can be helpful when creating a talent community because it allows you to do many things, such as post new job openings or send messages to multiple candidates at once without having these emails marked as spam.

Career Websites: Displaying Your Brand

Career websites offer a simple way to display your company's importance and get people interested in working with you. Creating websites for different parts of the world or types of jobs means individuals can find what they are looking for more easily. They also help showcase aspects of your business that are specific to certain areas or types of clients.

Making it Easy for People to Apply

It’s essential that top-quality candidates can easily apply for jobs at your company. If it is hard for them (or if they have to jump through too many hoops), they might give up on the idea entirely. This is why many businesses use online application processes that are simple to understand and navigate.

Finding Candidates:

Finding the right people to fill job openings takes a lot of work. However, once applications start coming in, there are ways to simplify this process. First, it’s essential to figure out which ones meet our needs based on their resumes or initial interviews; then, we can do more in-depth assessments later on if needed.

This stage may also involve checking someone's job history, qualifications, or references. Revise the complete text.

Successful Interviewing Strategies

Interviews are an opportunity to understand candidates and decide if they have the right skills for the job. If all interviews have the same format, comparing people is more accessible.

To determine how someone reacts in certain situations or what they might do in a particular role, ask them situational questions or about their past behaviour. These questions indicate their problem-solving skills & how well they get on with others.

Assessing References and Looking into Records

Go further than the interview by checking references & doing background research on the candidate. This can give you more information about their suitability for the job.

Offering the Job to the Perfect Candidate

It’s time to offer them the position if everything else has gone well. To do this successfully:

Decide on salary and benefits that are competitive but sustainable — you don’t want to overpay someone or go bankrupt because you hired them;

Talk about any areas where there’s been a difference of opinion or conflict so that both sides feel like they’ve been listened to and understood (negotiating);

Make sure that they know when/how their decision will be communicated. This could include things like signing contracts first, for example.

Setting New Hires Up for Success

Integrating new employees into the company culture & work environment effectively is essential. During onboarding, giving them all the support they need and regularly telling them how they are doing is a good idea.

Finding Exceptional Marketers

It’s easier said than done to find top-quality marketers. One thing that can help you locate these kinds of individuals, however, is working with a marketing recruitment agency. Such agencies have a lot of experience in their field, which means they know what strategies will likely succeed when looking for new employees. A high-quality marketing recruitment agency will learn practical techniques and access many great job seekers.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you get help from a marketing recruitment agency, you’ll end up with more time for other tasks because they’ll take care of everything related to finding and hiring qualified people.


It is essential to understand that getting the right people for your team or company is ongoing. After hiring an employee, you must track their performance over time. Talking to new hires about their experiences during the hiring process can also be helpful since it can help you improve your overall strategy and find out what applicants like best about your organization.

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