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A Huge Change is Coming to SMS Marketing. Is Your Brand Ready?


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SMS marketing is changing. To ensure your brand can continue to send messages, here’s the latest update. 
What’s changing?
This year, brands will no longer be able to use shared numbers to send messages. 

According to T-Mobile’s Code of Conduct, “shared 10DLC, short codes, and toll-free numbers are prohibited. Effective immediately, no new shared short codes are allowed to be onboarded, and all existing shared short codes will be required to migrate at a future date to a dedicated application address (short code, 10DLC, or toll-free number).” 

AT&T’s A2P Code of Conduct similarly strikes against shared short codes, stating that “shared 10DLC or short codes are prohibited. Effective immediately no new shared short codes should be onboarded. All existing shared short codes will be terminated and banned at a future date …

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