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À La Cart Marketing

A black and white photo of À La Cart Marketing displayed on a wooden table.

Ariella Brown

January 16 2020

Some of the exhibits at this year’s CES were not brand new but a kind of “new and improved” version of products previously released. One of the cool ones include the Caper Smart Cart.

The smart carts had required shoppers to scan the products that they were putting into their carts. But the next version will use image-recognition cameras and a weight sensor to register the item without any extra movement from the customer. Take a look at the video below to see it in full swing:

The video also shows the cart’s touchscreen, which tells customers where to find things and also draws their attention to the deals within reach of where they are located. It even suggests additional purchases, like recipe recommendations, that complement what they’ve already put into their carts. How brilliant!

Caper claims that this sort of engagement with shoppers in the store can increase their purchase by up to 18%. It makes sense to grab the consumers’ attention at the moment of decision when they are primed for purchases and would like to be sure to pick up things they may have forgotten to put on their list. That’s marketing that benefits both the shopper and the seller.

This article was originally published by our friends at PostFunnel.

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