A New Path to Shortening CDP Time to Value

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A new CDP isn’t just an investment in money—it can be an investment in time. Time to onboard, time to train, time to socialize, and, most importantly, time to value. That’s a lot of time.

Earlier this year, the team at Zaius challenged ourselves to understand what would happen if we could help our prospective and new clients leapfrog over all of this time commitment. What if our clients didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars and weeks, or months, of time to figure out if we were the right software for their brand?

Baked into this question is a self-confidence, but also a self-awareness. There are goals that Zaius can achieve both exceptionally and expediently, while also being broadly applicable. However, our clients all come to us with different goals to move their brand forward; is it reasonable to assume that we can test the waters the same way with all them?

As it turns out, the common denominator to getting immediate value and a clear understanding of the platform is Zaius Insights—the powerful value-add models and algorithms that Zaius automatically and quickly layers on top of even minimal customer data that our clients bring to the platform. Predictive models and insights are generated within 24 hours, opening the door for highly-relevant learnings and advanced activation in very little time.

After working with our clients, we found that immediately-achievable high value falls along four lines:

Combined with our recently-expanded set of one-click integrations, clients focus less on getting data into Zaius and are free to immediately explore their insights and act on them through the channels that they use everyday (such as Facebook, Google, and their current email platform) and the budgets they already have. Clients understand in days, not months, if Zaius is the right fit for them, with very little time or monetary investment. 

With a clear path to shortening time to value, we’ve opened up our platform to prospects to “try before you buy,” with one of the very few activated CDP trials available. Clients find both confidence and monetary return when activating against the goals above before committing, and cover the full breadth of their individualized goals in a complete integration and configuration once they are ready to move forward. Sounds interesting? Sign up your brand today!

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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