A New Year. A New Look.

Rewind and rewind and a New Year.

In 2015, Rewind began with the idea of going back. It all started with the

world’s top ecommerce platform, Shopify. Merchants needed a “magic undo” button

that helped them recover from catastrophic data loss. So we built and launched

it. Since then, over 45,000 merchants have used it to protect their store.

Shortly after launch, BigCommerce contacted us and requested we build Rewind

for BigCommerce. We launched Rewind for BigCommerce in 2017.

The inflection point for Rewind was when customers started asking us to back up

their non-ecommerce platforms. The first was QuickBooks and it fundamentally

changed the game for Rewind. As the company grew from a few customers to tens of

thousands; a new idea of “who we want to be” started to blossom.

The reality is that today’s businesses are entrusting their vital data to the

cloud and SaaS companies at an unprecedented rate. The average company relies on

a dozen or more software tools in their tech stack.

However, Backup-as-a-Service providers have essentially ignored this area of

cloud computing. In the symbiotic relationship of SaaS providers and SaaS users,

each party has its own level of responsibility for protecting and backing up

data. Yet, no one is helping SMBs manage this responsibility.

The “Can you build this?” requests have not stopped – they’ve only accelerated.

And we’ve listened to those requests. We’ve launched a beta for Trello and we

are exploring BaaS solutions for GitHub, JIRA and Zendesk. And there are many,

many more on the list.

Along the way we’ve also expanded our features, adding Copy to the Rewind

platform. Copy protects your production data by helping you copy it to a second

account, where you can test, modify, and play around without having to worry

about destroying your production data.

What’s become apparent is the growing need people have to safeguard data. Our

Backup and Copy tools may be straightforward in nature but the manner in which

companies use data is limitless.

So starting today, Rewind has a new mission. Rewind will protect all the vital

business data that’s stored in the cloud. You have put in too much time and

effort, for all your hard-earned data to instantly disappear. Rewind will help

you protect and control all the information you rely on, each and every day.

With new platforms on the horizon and new products, we felt it was time for a

new identity. One that reflects the fact that Rewind isn’t only backups – it’s a

tool that will help protect your business.

A New Look For A New Mission

As our mission became more clear, it was evident that we needed a new logo.

Something that protects. Something with direction – going forward and backwards.

Something that returns to the way things were.

We started with an arrow. It’s been prominent in Rewind’s logo since day one.

It’s simple, succinct, sturdy. But as we iterated on different designs the arrow

slowly transformed into something else. And within a sea of ideas, one idea kept

rising to the surface.

A boomerang.

Used by Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years, a boomerang is one of

civilization’s first multi-tools. They were used as hunting weapons, musical

instruments, and fire-starters.

A boomerang is a powerful tool. It solves many problems in many ways. It helps

you control your environment, find efficiencies, and save time. Rewind builds

tools that online businesses use in the same way.

A boomerang is constantly evolving: The modern boomerang is a byproduct of

consistent studying, designing, and tweaking. People devote their lives to

making them faster, lighter, and fly farther. A constant need to solve problems

and to strive for the best.

And a perfectly thrown boomerang comes back to where it started its journey.

Going forward you will see the boomerang across everything we do. Our team has

done an incredible job to bring this new look to life. We are beyond excited for

the future and honoured to protect the business you’ve worked hard to build.

Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.
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