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Acing Your Amazon Bullet Points


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We hate to break it to you, but most Amazon shoppers won’t read all your bullet points.

We know. It hurts our feelings too. 😢

The main goals of bullets are to incorporate brand personality while hitting your keywords and selling products’ features.

🚨 REMEMBER: Bullet points index for SEO, so naturally you’d want to  pack each point full of keywords.

However, don’t do that. The points won’t be readable and will likely do more harm than good.

Strike a balance between putting in strong keywords while selling the product’s features in a way that makes sense for a scanning customer.

Keyword = SCANNING.

Use your bullet space to identify pain points and position your product as the solution.

👉 Bullet points are a great venue to set expectations and combat issues cited in your negative reviews. 👈

For example: If you’re selling an energy supplement that requires different dosages for different people, call that out in your bullets so there’s no confusion.

TIP: Brands often get too short with their bullet copy.

Amazon’s official recommendation is to use short bullets.

Like the pet product below 👇

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The Pilothouse Amazon team recommends going a bit deeper with your bullet copy.

Take full advantage of the space without being too generic or wordy!

TIP: Technically, using emojis and all caps to title your bullets is against Amazon’s terms of service – but there’s some wiggle room. 😬

The rules are worth breaking, particularly when it comes to capitalization, so that each of your bullets has a clear section header to help provide structure.

Worst case scenario, your listing will be taken down until you remove the caps/emojis, and they’ll go back up as soon as you edit!

Check out the gorgeous bullet organization from Olipop. 👇

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Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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