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Interview With Experts: Affordable Cord Blood Banking Insights

Saving one life is satisfying, and the doctors are doing it daily.

In the modern-day medical industry, things are getting advanced, and new inventions are coming our way to help us deal with critical diseases.

One such invention is affordable cord blood banking, helping hundreds save their future health conditions.
What is a cord blood bank?

Well, cord blood banking is something that helps store a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta blood.


Well, this particular blood collected during the birth of a baby is essential to cure possible future medical issues of the baby, including other family members. Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells that are important in treating certain immune and metabolic disorders.

However, we can use cord blood in transplants for patients with lymphoma, leukemia, and other life-threatening diseases.

While considering a cord blood bank, you need to stay aware of their working process, conditions, and so on. Here, we will focus on the particular expert insights (gathered from interviews) to help you find the best cord blood bank in your locality with better knowledge and understanding.

Types Of Cord Blood Banks

Before you store the cord blood, you need to know about the banks and their particular purposes. Not all banks work with the same notion, and there is a clear distinction between these two types of cord blood banks.

Private Cord Blood Banks

Private cord blood banks help you become an investor in your baby’s health. They guarantee you will be able to store your baby’s cord blood for as long as 25 years. Cord blood can cure over 80 critical diseases, which is a huge human health solution.

Private banks charge to store it with some banks such as AlphaCord being more affordable than others. There is an annual payment process in which you can see premiums for your investment to secure the future of your baby’s health if necessary.

Public Cord Blood Banks

On the other hand, public cord blood banks are different in notions, and that comes with no guarantee of storage. It works as a charity for your baby’s cord blood. You can provide it as a social worker, and there is no guarantee of using the same cord blood in the future.

Public cord blood banks work in emergencies. They only focus on the needs of the public and share them. They don't take money but mostly do the collection for free.

Insights While Choosing A Cord Blood Bank

Private or public cord blood banks work on different notions, but their sole purpose is to save lives.  While you are thinking about it personally, you need to understand some crucial insights into private cord blood banks.

They are efficient in dealing with your baby’s future health. So, all you need to do is to store the blood by paying the requirements. But there is a big concern to get the genuine option. A lot of blood banks you will find right at the moment. These conditions will help you to choose a particular one.


Experience is the key to finding the best version of it. Cord blood banks work on emergencies, and thus they need to be efficient in time management, arranging quality equipment, and also consider the experts in the field.

A cord blood bank that has better experience for a long time is more likely to reduce your problems on the go.


Not all banks are stable, only the prominent ones!

While you are willing to take care of your baby’s future health, you need to understand that only a few are good and stable. If a bank is unstable, how can they store the cord blood for 15 to 20 years?

This is also about the huge investment that you are making for it. If the cord blood bank is not stable, money will go without any resolution.


If the bank offers insurance, then do not think twice!

This insurance may cover any critical condition on the go! You want to store cord blood without any headache, and insurance on it will cover it all.


Without a proper inventory, storing the cord blood for so long will be cumbersome. Know about the bank and especially its inventory before you go for it.

If they are considering a big prominent inventory, they already maintain the main part. You can rely on them!


Check the accreditation status of the cord blood bank and then decide on it. There are mainly two accreditation standards designed to find the value of a cord blood bank: AABB and FACT.

Know if the bank is licensed properly, and then allow them to take your baby’s cord blood.


Price is a big factor; thus, you need better market research. If you are not working on it, you might end up paying more than necessary. Not all cord blood banks charge the same and have different segments.

Know it before you pay for it!

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