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Agency Spotlight: An Interview With Corra

Agency Spotlight: An Interview With Corra

Partnering with the right eCommerce agency can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why we’re spotlighting top agencies in our ongoing interview series. This time out, we spoke to Rebecca Thomas, senior manager of strategic alliances at Corra, about what makes her agency stand out and why subscriptions are critical in today’s volatile environment.

What specific verticals/segments does your agency have expertise in/focus on?

Historically, Corra has focused on the health, beauty, and fashion verticals. But as we’ve expanded into enterprise brands, we’ve grown our focus to include pharmaceuticals, B2B, recreational cannabis, and PC parts and components. 

What eCommerce platforms have you built a practice around? Why?

Adobe and Shopify, primarily. 

Adobe, for the completeness of their solution — for example, Adobe Experience Manager lets you easily manage digital assets, and the platform can integrate with multiple content management systems. These features work together to create an efficient and easily implementable content solution. That is merely one instance where Adobe offers ease of use and optionality; that same friendly usability extends to almost every part of the solution. Adobe provides platforms that are receptive to different types of vendors and digital systems holistic and mature digital solutions.

Shopify, for their out-of-the-box capability and malleability around complex projects. Shopify’s frontend themes, in particular, offer a wonderful template for our developers to create custom backend developments off of.

Brands/retailers are looking for cultural alignment when selecting partners. How would you describe the culture of your agency?

Rebecca Thomas, Corra

We value results, and those results are driven by our core values: culture, community, client, craftsmanship, and creativity. At Corra, those aren’t buzzwords. Instead, they embody who we are and how we work. Because of these values, we’re recommended by global and enterprise brands such as ASSA ABLOY, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanrio, and Corsair while having a 90% enrollment rate into our managed services program, TotalCare, once the initial project is completed. 

We also have a diverse workforce that spans the globe with a nearly fifty-fifty gender split, including women in leadership roles across the organization. 

Corra is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients, and we welcome people of any race, religion, sexuality, gender, or socio-economic background to help us do that. 

What are your agency’s top three areas of expertise?

Adobe builds, headless/progressive web app (PWA) implemenations, installing composable ecosystems.

Why are subscriptions so important in today’s eCommerce landscape?

In eCommerce today, customer relationships are synonymous with growth. Building long-term relationships founded on brand loyalty and providing customers with products they can depend on are the fundamental tenets of building a successful brand. Subscriptions are a core instrument in creating sustainable customer relationships that drive revenue for companies and provide customers with valuable products consistently. 

Why do you partner with Ordergroove today? What problems does Ordergroove help you solve in the market?  

We partner with Ordergroove because subscriptions are an important aspect of building profitable customer relationships, and Ordergroove leads the industry in providing hassle-free, scalable, and valuable subscription services. We also appreciate Ordergroove’s attention to detail and skillful integration of use-case data into their offerings. 

We rely on Ordergroove to help us build successful subscription bundle experiences for merchants. Allowing customers to personalize the items they want to subscribe to drives conversions with less backend development. 

What is your favorite Ordergroove product(s) or capabilities? 

Rebecca Thomas, Corra

Corra’s favorite Ordergroove products are the Knowledge Center and the subscription service itself. They have allowed our clients to easily customize their subscription offerings to deliver frictionless subscriber experiences. As a systems integrator specializing in custom development and complex integration work, it is crucial our technology partners offer flexibility to enable our team to deploy a successful integration. 

The Ordergroove team is also highly consultative and helpful, which makes for smooth, easy, and successful implementations. Lastly, everything is backed by data! We love a team that prioritizes data and ROI, which Ordergroove does beautifully.

Each month, Ordergroove spotlights a leading eCommerce agency. If you’d like to be considered for a future post, email us at hi@ordergroove.com.

Special thanks to our friends at OrderGroove for their insights on this topic.
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