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Allow Shopify Customers To Use Messenger Discounts Without Leaving Your Site


One of the best ways to ensure a first-time visitor converts to a first-time purchaser is to optimize their online journey. Ensuring you’re able to capture their information for retargeting, offer incentives for them to complete a purchase, and not interrupt their experience by directing them away from your site. With our latest updates, you can provide a seamless experience to capture Facebook Messenger subscribers and allow someone to use a Messenger code directly from a welcome or exit-intent pop-up.

Introducing A New Welcome Pop-Up Design

We’ve tested multiple designs for Facebook Messenger opt-in tools and found some designs to be higher in converting visitors to subscribers than others. We’ve improved the design of our welcome pop-up to be the highest converting design! This helps to maximize conversions for the welcome pop-up opt-in tool.

Screen Shot on 2020-01-30 at 07-44-42

Use Facebook Messenger Discount Codes Without Leaving Your Site

For both our welcome pop-up and exit intent pop-up we now have a button that allows that customer to use the discount immediately. This means that someone does not have to be directed into Messenger to retrieve their code for use. Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.52.40 PM

This will keep visitors on your site while opting them into Messenger and allowing them to use their discount code. This is a great way to ensure a seamless customer experience and maximize conversions by keeping visitors on-site!

This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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