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Stop Being a Sales Slouch! These Best Amazon Best Practices Will Kick Your Business Into High Gear

Unlock peak sales performance with our Amazon agency‘s best practices!

Your Amazon listing is experiencing a frustrating slump in sales, leaving your business stagnant and revenue low.

Every day, your listing underperforms. You miss out on potential customers and revenue, falling further behind your competition.

Discover the proven best practices our Amazon agency follows to revive and maximize clients’ sales, revitalizing your listing and boosting your bottom line.

Launch High-Quality and In-Demand Products

Launching new products can revive and maximize a seller’s sales on Amazon, but it depends on the approach. Here’s a cheat sheet of best practices. 

Why This Works

  • Fresh Listings, Increased Visibility

New, in-demand products attract attention and organic traffic, boosting sales potential.

  • Unique Value Proposition

Standing out from competitors with a differentiated product gives you a competitive edge.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Providing high-quality, well-understood products leads to happier customers, potentially driving repeat business and positive reviews.

  • Enhanced Brand Image

A consistent focus on quality and value builds trust with customers, establishing a strong brand reputation.

Do You Need An Amazon Agency To Launch New Products?

Even while following best practices, there are some situations where Amazon experts might be a good fit. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you need additional help:

Your Expertise and Time

  • Do you feel confident in your understanding of Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms, keyword research, and PPC advertising strategies? An agency can provide valuable expertise to optimize your listings and campaigns.
  • Are you already stretched thin managing other aspects of your business? An agency can free up your time to focus on other priorities.

Product Launch and Marketing

  • Are you comfortable creating high-quality product listings, engaging social media content, and compelling advertising content? An agency can take this burden off your shoulders and ensure your brand message resonates.
  • Do you have the skills and resources to track key metrics, analyze data, and continuously optimize your listings and campaigns? An agency can help you interpret data and make data-driven decisions.

Even if you’re following best practices, an agency can be a good partner if:

  • You’re new to Amazon and need guidance navigating the platform.
  • You’ve plateaued in sales and want to find new growth opportunities.
  • You’re looking to scale your business and expand your product offerings.

Optimize Product Listings

One of the questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need the help of an Amazon Agency when launching new products on Amazon is if you can craft high-quality product listings. 

By focusing on listing optimization, you can ensure that your products are easily discoverable, clearly understood, and appealing to potential buyers, ultimately leading to higher sales and sustainable growth on Amazon. 

Some of the best practices our Amazon Agency implements when optimizing our clients’ listings include the following:

Can You Optimize The Listing On Your Own?

While it is tempting to do this without the help of an Amazon Agency, sellers should consider the following to make sure that time and resources will be well-spent. Are you confident that you can implement each of the following?

  1. Main Image Analysis

    • Analyze the current main image to identify potential improvements for CTR in clarity, size, and relevance to the product.
    • Consider adding elements like text overlays (e.g., product name, key features), lifestyle images (showing product use), and close-up shots of unique features.
    • Use colors that complement the product and evoke the desired emotional response from customers.
    • Ensure that any text added to the image includes relevant keywords that describe the product and its benefits.
  2. Four Phases of Amazon SEO

    • Research and optimize search terms, ensuring they are relevant and have high search volume.
    • Regularly update keywords based on performance data and customer feedback, focusing on those that drive the most traffic and conversions.
    • Identify and prioritize keywords that are most relevant to the product and have high conversion potential.
    • Know when to update the copy and the search terms
  3. A+ Content Creation

    • Use a clean, visually appealing layout that is easy to read and navigate.
    • Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into the content to improve search visibility.
    • Utilize the functionalities of the A+ content modules, such as scrolling left and right, clicking on different products, and asking questions to engage customers and increase average order values.
    • Text is for robots, and pictures are for humans. Use images to appeal to customers visually and text to optimize for search engines.
    • Include CTAs within product images to encourage customers to buy more, increasing average order value.

Refine And Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns

SEO and PPC go hand in hand when maximizing sales on Amazon. Optimizing Amazon PPC gets your products in front of more interested buyers, boosting sales through higher visibility, better conversion rates, and valuable campaign data for improvement.

How PPC campaigns can be challenging for sellers and lead to low sales:

  • Wrong Keywords

Picking irrelevant keywords means your ads reach people who aren’t interested, wasting ad spend and generating no sales.

  • Optimization Overload

Managing bids, budgets, and ad copy is complex and requires constant monitoring. Mistakes here can lead to poorly performing campaigns.

  • Bidding Battles

High competition drives up costs per click (CPC), making it harder for new sellers to break even and see profits.

  • Metrics Mystery

Analyzing data to understand campaign performance requires knowledge. Without it, sellers might miss opportunities to improve.

  • Management Maze

Effective PPC takes consistent effort. Busy sellers may struggle to dedicate the time needed for optimal results.

All of these challenges can lead to poorly targeted ads, wasted budget, and ultimately, low sales from your PPC campaigns.

Amazon Best Practices To Optimize PPC

Have A Dedicated Team To Manage Amazon Ads

This is an ultimate best practice that you can follow if you want:

  • Expertise

Specialized knowledge and proven strategies.

  • Efficiency

Saves time and ensures continuous monitoring.

  • Advanced Tools

Access to premium tools and data-driven decisions.

  • Customization

Tailored campaigns and scalable strategies.

  • Competitive Edge

Quick adaptation to market changes and maximized ROI.

  • Risk Management

Minimized mistakes and compliance with Amazon’s policies.

For additional tips on Amazon PPC campaigns optimization, here is a video you can watch

Run Promotions, Coupons, Discounts, Or Sales

Running promotions, coupons, and discounts is crucial in reviving and maximizing sales on Amazon for:

  • Driving Higher Sales

Promotions, coupons, and discounts incentivize customers to buy your products, leading to increased sales volume.

  • Motivating Purchase Decisions

Offers like free shipping, percentage-off, and buy one get one free motivate customers to make a purchase, especially when they might be hesitant due to price concerns.

  • Increasing Visibility and Awareness

Promotions can drive external traffic to your Amazon product pages, increasing visibility and awareness of your brand and products.

  • Higher Levels of Conversion

By attracting more customers and increasing visibility, promotions can lead to higher levels of conversion, turning more visitors into buyers.

  • Boosting Brand Loyalty

Offering discounts and promotions can help build brand loyalty, as customers are more likely to return to your brand for future purchases.

  • Clearing Excess Inventory

Promotions are also effective for clearing out excess inventory, ensuring you can make room for new products and maintain a healthy inventory turnover rate.

Best Practices To Follow When Running Promotions

When to Hire an Amazon Agency for Promotions & Coupons

You likely need an Amazon FBA agency if

  • You’re new to Amazon promotions or struggle to choose the right ones.
  • Analyzing promotion data and optimizing campaigns feels overwhelming.
  • You lack the time to manage promotions alongside other business tasks.
  • Your current promotions aren’t delivering the desired results.
  • You want to stay ahead of competitor strategies or build brand awareness through promotions.

Agencies excel at

  • Picking the right promotions and navigating Amazon’s complexities.
  • Analyzing data to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.
  • Freeing up your time to focus on other areas.
  • Staying ahead of the curve and crafting differentiated promotions.
  • Integrating brand messaging into promotions for long-term benefits.

Offer Virtual Bundles

Offering virtual bundles can help revive and maximize sales on Amazon by:

  • Increasing Visibility and Clicks

Bundles are prominently displayed on listing pages, boosting visibility and CTR.

  • Boosting Sales and Average Order Value

Bundles incentivize customers to buy more, increasing sales and order values.

  • Enhancing Rank Performance and Growth

Bundles can improve rank and attract more customers, leading to growth.

  • Expanding Product Offerings and Reach

Bundles help create new offerings, reaching a wider audience.

  • Simple Setup Process

Setting up bundles is easy in Seller Central, requiring selection of ASINs, imagery, titles, and pricing.

Amazon Best Practices For Virtual Bundles

When An Amazon Agency Can Help

Creating Amazon virtual bundles can be tricky. Consider a Full Service Amazon Agency if you need help with:

  • Understanding complex bundling rules and maximizing profitability.
  • A/B testing different bundles and analyzing competitor strategies.
  • Managing inventory effectively and creating compelling marketing materials.

Maximize Sales Through Expert Implementation

Don’t forget that even the best practices are of no help without expert implementation.

If you need help navigating the complexities of Amazon and unlocking its full potential, contact our experienced Amazon Agency today.

We can help you fine-tune your listings, optimize your advertising campaigns, and propel your sales to new heights.

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