Announcing Octane AI as a Certified Shopify Plus Partner


It’s official: Octane AI is joining The Shopify Plus Certified Partner App program!

Octane AI’s inclusion in Shopify’s premiere partner program is a recognition that we have become the most trusted Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing automation platform for Shopify Plus brands.

We’re thrilled to be included in the Shopify Plus program as the only Facebook Messenger platform and the only app that offers both Messenger and SMS conversational automation. We're joining other leading platforms, such as Klaviyo, Justuno, Privy, Yotpo, Gorgias, and many others to continue helping top ecommerce businesses grow and scale their businesses. 

We’d like to take the opportunity to explain why the Shopify Plus Certified App Program is important, how Octane AI was selected, and our vision for the company moving forward.

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is a very selective and curated list of the top-performing apps in the Shopify ecosystem. Out of the 4,437 apps in the Shopify App store, only 31 have been selected to be Plus Certified App partners. This hand-selected list ensures Shopify Plus merchants can simply find and connect with trustworthy apps that have a history of high performance, positive support, and good ratings. 

The Shopify Plus Certified App list is a way to support merchants that are looking for solutions to continue scaling their business, and it bridges the gap between trustworthy products and enterprise clients looking for the best apps that will evolve with their business. 

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What Octane AI Does for Shopify Plus brands

Our product suite supports the needs of Shopify Plus brands with in-depth analytics, full customization for visible on-site features, and the ability to execute complex marketing personalization to deepen customer relationships and increase revenue. Our products are also integrated with top Shopify apps including Klaviyo, ReCharge, Re:amaze, Justuno, Privy, Gorgias, and more. 

Here’s what Octane AI provides for Shopify Plus stores:

Targeted Facebook Messenger & SMS Messages and Campaigns. Similar to email marketing, merchants can create and build Facebook Messenger and SMS campaigns and flows. Merchants can turn on pre-built, revenue-generating automated messages, such as cart abandonment and browse abandonment, and create and build advanced flows all in one dashboard. 

Grow your marketing list. Merchants can increase their marketing opt-ins with pop-ups, checkboxes, and onsite chat that are designed to convert. Each opt-in tool has advanced customization options made for Shopify Plus merchants. Opt-ins can also be tested with A/B testing down to the design, device, timing, or placement. 

Ensure a positive ROAS. Merchants can create Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads and Sponsored Messages that increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) and automatically opt in customers for Facebook messages.

“It’s rare to find people in the tech space who are knowledgeable, personable, and passionate. Matt and the Octane AI team are constantly surprising us with their attention to detail and dedication to our brand. It has been truly inspiring working with the Octane AI team and we’re excited for our future with them,”       – Alex Tenney, Digital Marketing Specialist at Skinny Mixes.

Want to see how Octane AI helped Skinny Mixes increase their monthly revenue by $280,000? Check out our case study. 

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How was Octane AI Selected?

Aside from showing positive results for ecommerce merchants, every business that’s selected for the Shopify Plus Certified App Program must pass a series of tests involving performance, support, security, and privacy. These requirements are intended to provide the best Shopify Plus merchant experience across the entire app lifecycle — from listing and installation, to onboarding, functionality, security, and quality.

Performance: Octane AI provides the ability to support merchants at every stage of their business’ journey. From brands just starting their ecommerce journey to multi-billion dollar enterprises, Octane AI is built to scale. It is also deeply integrated with other top Shopify Apps to ensure a seamless and positive tech stack experience. 

Support: Octane AI offers world-class global support and hands-on account management to help brands focus more on their business.

Security and privacy: Octane AI ensures it is following worldwide compliance and regulations. We are consistently staying up-to-date with compliance laws including GDPR, TCPA, and other global regulations.

The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world's fastest-growing brands. We're happy to welcome Octane AI to the program, bringing their insight and experience in Messaging and Notifications to the Plus merchant community.”                                                       – Loren Padelford, GM Shopify Plus.

The future of Octane AI and ecommerce

Along with the announcement of joining the Shopify Plus Certified App Program, Octane AI will continue making the best developments to support its customers. This is our vision for the future: 

“At Octane AI, we are exclusively dedicated to supporting the advanced automation, marketing, data, and personalization needs of the world’s fastest-growing brands on Shopify Plus. The technology we have integrated into Shopify Plus allows us to transform the relationship between brands and consumers in a way that brands have only been able to dream about. We are excited to be building the future of commerce in partnership with Shopify Plus and look forward to revealing more about our vision.”                                                                       – Matt Schlicht, CEO and Co-Founder, Octane AI

Are you a Shopify Plus brand that wants the most advanced tools and hands-on account management from a team of experts? Connect with us here!

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This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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